Cosplayer Badgers Japanese Artist Into Removing Loli Images From Twitter

Itto Shamed

A cosplayer going by the handle of Crunchalice, began terrorizing a Japanese artist, Itto, by badgering them about drawing lolis. They persisted until the artist decided to delete many of their drawings.

It started on November 27th, 2019, when Crunchalice responded to a tweet from Itto, who was lamenting that a “scary” person was hounding them and so they decided to remove some of their drawings from Twitter.

When Crunachalice stated that if Itto stopped drawing “sexualized children” that they wouldn’t have to delete their profile, Itto responded by saying that the drawings aren’t real and why would people who don’t like lolis come to their Twitter page to complain?

Quite typically, most people did not appreciate a Westerner telling a Japanese artist how or what to draw, and they came down upon them with a fierceness like that of the gods descending upon Prometheus with unbridled vengeance.

Yes, as is typical with the Leftists on Twitter, anytime they get corrected and their callow churlishness gets called out they scream and cry “harassment”, which is exactly what Crunchalice resolved to doing.

The cry of victimhood was played up on social media like clockwork, or about as predictable as a check from Burisma into Biden’s bank account.

Itto was still keen on poking the Social Justice bear and made a follow-up tweet on November 28th about art book coming out, warning people who are sensitive “not to look”.

Even though Itto removed all the other drawings from the Twitter timeline, there’s still one more naughty loli image available with the text “gently suck it, lad”.

Itto may have deleted the drawings but they still know how to maintain an edge that keeps the snowflakes triggered and the log-cutters of Social Justice Warriors constricted.

You can follow Itto over on their Pixiv page to keep abreast of their artful shenanigans.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre and D-Witch)