Em8er Teases Super Sexy Female Walking Animations

Em8er Darla

Crixa Labs’ Em-8ER is still slowly moving through the development process, but we’re getting tidbits and pieces of new content coming down the pipeline, and one of the latest teases focus on the game’s walking animations for the female characters while they’re wearing the V2 Geesuit.

Coming off the news back in mid-October that revealed that the game would have sliders for custom characters, including butt sliders, one of the artists working on the game – and someone I had infrequently communicated with and followed regularly during the #GamerGate days – Alejandro Argandona, posted up a looping clip of the female v2 Geesuit from Em-8ER, where we get to see her hips in motion.

You can check it out below.

They’re definitely making it known that this is going to be one of those rare Western action titles where the women are actually attractive and desirable. We haven’t seen that from Western devs for years.

But the game itself isn’t just about hot chicks and sexy hips. There’s a real foundation laid with the gameplay loops themed around mechs versus kaiju. Think Gundam meets Pacific Rim meets Terra Formars.

The last year they were still heavy in the development of the core gameplay functionality, such as the mech maneuverability and traversal. This year we’re seeing more of the assets coming down the art pipeline and refinement of the player characters, the outfits, the animations, and the general tone of the aesthetic.

We’ve learned a lot about the way the females will be depicted in the game, which is aimed at bringing back the demographic that the AAA industry has completely abandoned… especially guys who love women with curves.

Basically, if all goes as planned Em-8ER will be what Firefall was supposed to be… and then some.

It’s all still early days for this ambitious project, so we’ll see how well it all turns out as we get a peek at more of the gameplay as it moves further into development.

You can stay abreast of the news regarding Em-8ER by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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