Epic Games Store Update Will Add OpenCritic Scores, Game Wishlist
Epic Games Store

Epic Games is currently working on core features that should have been available from the start in the Epic Games Store, including a wishlist and review scores for the games.

Over on the Epic Games Store news page, they informed gamers that the store page now has a new layout, and that there’s now a new checkout layer, but still no shopping cart.

Further down the page they talk about some of the features for the Epic Games Store in the pipeline and this includes the ability to create wishlists – because they really launched a store where you couldn’t even wishlist the games you wanted to purchase – as well as review scores pulled from OpenCritic.

As mentioned on the news page…

“We’re working to bring wishlisting to the store. You’ll be able to wishlist any offer on the store and you’ll be notified of sales or promotions for that offer.”

Unfortunately, the inclusion of review scores still doesn’t include user reviews for the games. So while you’ll be able to see what some of the corrupt games journalists and reviewers think about the games available on the Epic Games Store, you won’t be able to see directly from within the store itself what real gamers think about the game.

The inclusion of professional reviewers instead of user reviews comes from the publishers’ end, where they complained about the user reviews on Steam and complained to Valve about review bombs, which usually take place when a developer or publisher engages in corruption or uncouth antics. Big publishers managed to get their way with the Epic Games Store, which doesn’t include user reviews. So there’s no way for people to voice their displeasure when a game or the developer does something anti-consumer.

In any case, the roadmap for the Epic Games Store to include features that are standard-fare on Steam has been lethargically slow. The store is still far from being user-convenient or pro-consumer.


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