HBO Reportedly Cancelled Game of Thrones Bloodmoon For Being too Woke

News broke as to the cause of the cancellation of Naomi Watts’ Bloodmoon prequel for Game of Thrones. Originally reported as cancelled because it did not meet expectations, the truth — according to an insider talking with The Sun under anonymity — was that it was too woke.

The Sun revealed the first White Walker was to be a black, lesbian character, and they were to be at the heart of the plot and Ned Stark’s ancestor was to be mixed race. How race mixing was to be a contentious issue in a world that doesn’t feature our genetic archetypes or cultural baggage is a mystery, but likely had to do with the story’s central theme of colonialism.

A significant amount of details would be provided about how upset the social justice producers were that the show was cancelled rather than letting it destroy the Game of Thrones brand.

“HBO were terrified the first prequel would scare hardcore fans. It was very different to the original series, but was very brave and bold.


“Plainly it was too ambitious for bosses who thought it might alienate viewers. The talk is that the new script is very average but deemed a safe option.


“The prequel was very woke and subversive. But they’ve decided to go for a script by a bloke and full of dragons.


“They’ve missed an open goal to do something different. Spending more than £30million and three years has been a monumental waste of time and money. There’s a lot of angry people.”

That aforementioned bloke is none other than Ryan Condal, who was directing Amazon’s Conan series, which has reportedly been cancelled, as noted by Bleeding Fool, possibly because it would have contained too much “toxic masculinity”, according to today’s media outlets. Many have hoped the director of House of Dragon would bring that horrible “toxic masculinity” to the Game of Thrones series, delivering an epic saga that would revitalize the series after Dumb and Dumber ran it into the ground.

Given Condal’s reputation of being a “toxically masculine” director combined with the wailings of the social justice cult, it might be a safe assumption that the new series will at the very least carry an awesome factor even if everything else comes up short.

On the topic of Benioff and Weiss ,a recent Midnight’s Edge exclusive  covered information made available to them giving insight into what transpired leading up to the disastrous 8th season of Game of Thrones. Along with how the dumbastic duo were in fact dismissed from the Star Wars trilogy they were commissioned to develop.

Thought it should be taken with a grain of salt, the report revealed how the duo soon began buying massively into their own hype and legend. Believing it was them that had made Game of Thrones the blockbuster it was rather than the original source material that they were keen on butchering with their own creative decisions opposed by George R.R. Martin.

Despite fully believing their own hype the directors of the series soon realized they were burning through the source material at an incredible rate. Martin himself would point out how the books  that had bloated in story material contained enough arcs to fill 4-5 seasons worth of content, would come under pressure to finish writing the 6th novel in the series.

Martin did not take well to the pressure and progress on the material slowed, but Martins had provided the duo with an outline of the final two books so they could wrap up the series in a way fans would enjoy. Disagreements would emerge over how to proceed with the drafts with the dumbastic duo telling Martins that they did not need his further input at which point he stepped away from the show’s development.

If these rumors are true, which is increasingly looking likely, it would exonerate Martin from any involvement in the final two seasons and much of the poor decisions made in earlier seasons. With him working with Ryan Condal fans and geeks in general have much to look forward to from the upcoming prequel.