Kotaku’s Jason Schreier Antagonizes G/O Media

One has to appreciate how privileged these Gawker journalists are. Not only do they get paid $50k a year to write essentially low-end garbage articles that insult their core demographic and have gotten their website blacklisted by several publishers, but they feel they are untouchable by their employers. Having experience lenience so long they have become accustomed to it viewing the instructions to act responsible adults and stick to your platforms topic as oppression.

Anyone can imagine how fast they would be out of a job if they insulted their boss directly to their face. How fast they would be in the unemployment line for telling their employer they weren’t going to do what they were told to do as they were told to do it. Jason Schreier isn’t like normal people who understand this concept very well. Instead of keeping his head low while the employers are restructuring the company he has taken to inserting attacks against G/O media into his editorial content for Diablo 4.

Not even in a passive missive or buried so far into the article that it could be easily missed. No he does it in the second sentence of this coverage of Diablo 4. Publishers looking to sign advertisement deals with G/O media are definitely going to love seeing their name dragged into a temper tantrum by said outlet’s employees.

 “Diablo IV is coming, Blizzard said today, finally confirming the much-anticipated sequel after years of speculation. A new cinematic trailer for the game showed a group of treasure hunters fighting against what could be demons, or private equity executives.”

This jab at G/O media will be rather ironic if the leaks for Diablo 4 pan out. In said leaks Diabo is reported to be the good guy who has been preparing for an invasion from outside reality.  The metaphor here is darn right palpable.

Staff quickly began to circle jerk over how brave and bold Shreier’s actions were.

“Others have already mentioned the absolutely fire line in this article, but let’s just go ahead and reinforce it: shit like this is why you’re one of the best, Schreier—and why Kotaku remains the force it is in a world of bland “stick to sprouts” coverage.” –Arnheim

Users would echo a similar sentiment to the staffers.

Another commentator decided to veer into delusion territory with the assumption people would pay a subscription to read Kotaku regularly tell consumers how horrible they are and how video games are problematic. Only to be shot down by the remaining Schreier himself.

Given G/O Media has had zero issues finding a replacement in a market now crowded with thousands of journalists looking for work and veteran journalists growing in smaller websites that would happily take $50k a year for a sports website; Kotaku’s staff don’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell. People will be lining up for the opportunity to get paid to make Kotaku Reputable Again.

These protests amount to nothing more than the tantrum of thrown by a spoiled child. Even the agreements from others appear childish in nature highlighting how absolutely used to coddling these people are. That they legitimately think being told to follow the house’s rules is oppression and a violation of their rights, that flipping your employer the bird is a noble struggle, is purely mind blowing.

If Deadspin was able to replace the relatively niche journalists who are passionate about sports coverage in only a few days, how fast does anyone imagine Kotaku will be inundated with applications? By all means Schreier should continue making an arse of himself for everyone’s amusement. Many more people with actual talent are lining up to take all Kotaku’s staff’s place.


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