Many Report Fallout 76’s Halloween Event is Broken

Another week and other issue from Fallout 76. One would think with all the negative press and social proof around the game Bethesda would do their utmost best to launch the event to run smoothly on everyone’s client. That doesn’t appear to be the case, while many users are echoing a chorus of it isn’t happening to me, others are reporting that the event suffers from several bugs and occasional crashes.

Everything is being reported from the persistent server crashes to textures disappearing. One of the most prevalent bugs involves users dying at the wrong time being unable to respawn for the duration of the event. Fortunately this only occurs at the tail end of the event against the Legendary Sentry Bot, but users will still miss out on any legendary drops as a result.

Coincidentally those running private servers report vastly better performance from the Mischief Night Event.  With bugs and crashes being occurring at such a low degree users are advising each other to jump into a friend’s private server who is running the event for a smoother experience.

Aside from the numerous bug instances that plague the events, the other most noticeable element is how superior the atom store items are compared to the event’s drops. Comparably the pumpkins from the item shop have a nicer texture compared to the reward pool pumpkins. Atom Shop bundles come with more immersive and spooky Halloween decorations including a fog machine.

There is no cross over between the two, so players who are unlucky to get the few items they are eyeballing because of the glitches are completely out of luck. For the objectively nicer items players will once again have to pony up money for atoms if they want to deck out their camps with fog machines and various horrifying decoration.

Bethesda’s yet again demonstrates their priorities are not community interaction, but exploiting the community for the Holiday. Other games run their events with special items, reskins, deluxe rewards for their event that signifies your achievements in the event, the best items for Bethesda are the ones you can only purchase. The complete lack of any attempt to build a community let alone good will from it is simply eerily short sighted.


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