Need For Speed Heat Campaign Walkthrough
Need For Speed Heat Walkthrough

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games’ Need For Speed: Diversity – oops, I mean Need For Speed: Heat is the latest entry in the long-running series for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The urban racing game is steeped heavy in the tuner aftermarket, and gamers who need a little bit of help getting started can find some walkthrough guides available for EA’s latest outing.

YouTuber TheRadBrad started a playlist for the career mode in Need For Speed: Heat, which you can check out below.

When you start a new game there’s a cinematic featuring Lt. Mercer and then there’s a hop into an actual race at night.

You’ll play as Joe and race along the outskirts of the city until you make your way into the inner city.

Follow the checkpoints through the city as the cops hound you down until you reach the finish line.

Another cinematic will play.

The game will portray the cops as evil, with Lt. Mercer cutting off the camera feeds and commanding Shaw to execute Joe in public.

A half-and-half steps in to calm down Mercer, who lets Joe go but tells him to send a message to his friends to never come back.

After the cinematic plays you’ll be able to pick a character from a bunch of non-whites.

Need For Speed Heat - Pick A Character

That’s right, there are no templates for straight, white males.

You don’t even get to customize your character.

You literally cannot play a normal, straight white male.

That’s how racist this game is.

After selecting a character you’ll be able to choose from three starter cars. The Camero SS muscle car is not available, leaving you with the Nissan 180SX Type X ’96, the BMW, and the Ford Mustang ’65.

After selecting your starter car you’ll be able to select your starter race from one of two circuit races.

When you select your starting race you’ll have to drive there manually.

During this afternoon cruise, Lucas will explain some of the basics to you.

In the video they start with the Tornado Circuit Race. The objective is to avoid hitting the barriers at all costs, otherwise you will slow down and lose your lead.

Need For Speed Heat - Starter Race

After completing your first race, head to the parts shop in Palm City.

You’ll have to go meet Ana to complete another campaign mission before you can proceed.

Follow Ana to the beachfront to race Kenny.

It’s a sprint race against Kenny and a couple of other scrubs, including Ana. Your objective is to get first, keep first, and win in first.

You can avoid hard braking by drifting. The drift will allow you to take sharp turns without losing a lot of your momentum.

The game has two different types of progression, with the day time races allowing you to earn money while the night races allow you unlock performance parts by upgrading your reputation.

After you complete the first night you’ll be able to purchase your first upgrade, which is a nitrous kit.

Need For Speed Heat - Upgrades

You’ll need to raise your rep level to 7, which means you’ll need to win some races at your current level. You’ll also need to raise your car performance level to 140.

Basically, you’ll need to complete a bunch of smaller races and then you can unlock the campaign events to progress the story.

As you’re starting out the thing you’ll want to avoid spending your cash on visual customizations because they won’t increase or upgrade your actual race performance.

Once you get enough cash the first thing you’re going to want to do is upgrade your acceleration, because the early races will have a lot of ins and outs and small turns and short sprints. So acceleration upgrades early in the game will help you to get out in front of the competition so you can nab a win.

As you unlock new points of interest on the map you’ll also be able to fast-travel to those places.

Now one of the things that TheRadBrad did is grinded on the the early races until he earned enough dosh to purchase a high-end vehicle from the dealership.

Much like Forza Horizon, there are also environmental activities you can complete scattered around the city, including jumping ramps that allow you to earn rep and money.

Also, there are some spray can icons you’ll see sprinkled throughout the mini-map. If you collect these you’ll unlock some free decals you can use to upgrade the visual aspects of your car.

Either you can upgrade your newbie car to get to 130 or you can buy a car above the 130 mark.

Once you complete that task activate Ana’s mission and follow her to the race.

This is a sprint race and it has some sharp turns. Pay attention to the mini-map especially at the 88% mark where you will need to make a very deadly sharp left turn and then chicane back toward the checkpoint.

Need For Speed Heat - Shaw

Once you complete the race you’ll witness another cinematic where Ana will get her car impounded.

Now the thing is, if you want to upgrade your car with higher quality parts you’ll need to earn more rep, which means you’ll need to complete the night missions and gain additional reputation.

The next mission involves Lucas, which you’ll have to travel to the outskirts of the city to access. There’s also a new safehouse/garage you can discover at the Sandino Ranches.

You’ll likely want to access the safehouse so you’ll have a fast-travel aspect.

Let It Slide

The next campaign mission is located at the docks.

You’ll meet Wayne.

Wayne will further explain how drifting works and will explain how you have to hold down the right trigger to accelerate and then tap the trigger again to start a drift and hold down the left analog stick to control the drift.

So the basics of drifting is tap + hold the right trigger.

The campaign mission is a complete tutorial, so you’ll have to plenty of opportunities to improve your drifting.

You’ll need to complete five drifts that last at least 1.50 seconds each.

Complete the series of drifts and then complete the drift duel by reaching 40,000 style points.

If you successfully complete the mission you’ll unlock new vehicles, including Infinity and Range Rover.

New campaign missions will be available at rep level 11 and a car rank of 200.

You can also complete the story race from Dex, which is kind of difficult but will open up some new circuit races.


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