Nutaku Gaming Chair Attempts To Add Sass And Sex Appeal To Your Seating Sessions

Nutaku Gaming Chair

Too long now has gaming been fizzled down to the bubble-free pulp of a soft drink experience where “safe spaces” and “inclusivity” have been the order of the day, resulting in a samey culture filled with boring outcomes and predictable fanfare. Well, Nutaku is done playing it safe. The company that puts lewd front and center is now taking the peripheral market by storm after putting the eatery elites on notice with their hot sauce brand. Their newest chair is aiming to put some sass and sex appeal back into the seating satisfaction of gaming.

The company advertised the chair with an appropriately pulpy trailer, reminding gamers of their nipple-based home console and their “Hentai Hot Sauce” that sold out minutes after it went on sale.

It’s a shame, though, that they didn’t hire in a hot former porn star to do the presentation of the chair, as that would have been the icing on the cake, but the trailer’s focus on dangerous and malfunctioning chairs reminiscent of the malfunctioning robots from Robocop 2 was pretty hilarious.

The trailer doesn’t go over the specs of the chair, but the press material reveals that much like every other gaming chair out there it comes with a backrest and an a neck prop for when you decide to lean back (although I find myself almost never using the neck prop at all) as well as reclining features, and a height adjuster.

Missing from the line-up of features is the ability to make use of a slide-out leg rest, which is available from some other gaming chairs out there.

>Nutaku Gaming Chair0004-2

Sadly the chair also lacks a back-massage feature, which is present in some other chairs out there, such as the Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chairs, which are quite affordable for the amount of features that come packed in.

In any case, if you were interested in the chair you can learn more or purchase it for $434 from the Nutaku Gaming Store.

Personally? I think it’s way too expensive for the lack of features that come built-in. But to each his own.

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