NWA Powerrr Loses Nearly 60% of Audience After Jim Cornette Departs
NWA Powerrr

What’s a good way to alienate your audience, piss off your core demographic, and ensure that the people who would otherwise pay attention to you no longer pay attention to you? Well, you could scuttle your reputation by courting the insanity from the Twitter mobs. Most people would consider that to be business suicide, but in the case of NWA they decided it was best for business… even though it wasn’t.

After famed commentator and booker, Jim Cornette, departed from NWA, the show NWA Powerrr saw a massive decline in viewership.

They’re down by nearly 60% compared to the previous week’s episode, which was pulled and re-uploaded.

You can see that not only is the viewership down from the 192,735 views that Episode 7 pulled in to 79,730 views for Episode 8, as of the writing of this article, but the user ratings are down drastically, too.

They’re almost neck and neck in terms of thumb votes.

Majority of the downvotes come from people angry that NWA kowtowed to the Social Justice Warriors and apologized for Jim Cornette’s comments during Episode 7.

For those of you out of the loop, during Episode 7 Jim Cornette – while on commentary – mentioned that Trevor Murdoch was so tough that he could ride a motor scooter through Ethiopia with a bucket of fried chicken on his back and make it out okay.

Social Justice Warriors became incensed and demanded NWA fire Jim Cornette.

NWA, being the cowards that they were, chickened out and apologized to the SJWs, which is the equivalent of throwing bloody meat in shark infested waters.

Executive producer David Lagana made a sniveling apology to the Twitter hordes while also censoring Episode 7 of NWA Powerrr, and Jim Cornette was none too pleased about it, so he decided to quit.

Cornette explained his side of the story in a 30 minute video he posted up to his YouTube channel.

Since then, a lot of actual NWA fans have made it known that they were none too pleased with the NWA executives bending the knee to the Twitter mobs who wanted Cornette’s head on a pike for saying something that they now deem to be “offensive” in [current year].

Now that Cornette is gone and NWA has to carry on the show without him, they decided to mish-mash Episode 8 together without his commentary since all the episodes are pre-taped. You can still see him occasionally in the background of some of the matches at the commentary booth, but they cut out the audio for the commentary using ridiculous sound effects and awful editing so you can’t hear Cornette.

Audiences ducked out and downvoted the show to make it known that they were not at all appreciative of the company kowtowing to the demands of the Cancel Culture cultists.

For now it looks like NWA is suffering some serious backlash from hardcore fans showing their support for Jim Cornette. Losing well over half their audience so far doesn’t look good for the company, but the real story will be if ratings stay down in the following week. AT that point we’ll know for sure if audiences are staying away and boycotting the NWA for good or if this was a one-off thing.

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