Renault Clio Ad Gets Woke, Focuses On Lesbian Make-Out Sessions

Renault Clio

Even your car commercials aren’t safe. That’s right, they’ve come for Renault. The newest Renault Clio ad, supposedly celebrating 30 years of the European hatchback, is more interested with instilling viewers with the idea of the Clio rubbing sessions if the ‘O’ was replaced with a ‘T’.

The ad starts innocent enough, with a slowdown rendition of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” played against a backdrop of clips featuring two young girls befriending one another in their youth. After several years of separation they reunite and spend the day and night together engaged in lesbian make-out sessions.

Eventually they grow older, grow apart, and one of them realizes that if she doesn’t want to end up with a genetically extinct legacy she’s going to have to procreate, and so she does the one thing most normal people do: she gets married and has a kid.

The ad rounds out with the two reuniting years later. Though it’s unclear if the brunette left her husband and took the kid with her or if she was just visiting with her lesbian lover again, but the ambiguity seems to suggest (and encourage) that women take their husband’s kid(s) and run off with a high school fling to round out your mid-life.

Funnily enough, they have two versions of the ad: one clocks in at two minutes and 10 seconds while the other is just a minute long. What’s the difference between the two? Well, it’s a truncated version of the same thing. It still features a couple of the kisses, but a lot of the other scenes are left out. It does include a few more shots of the actual car, though.

You can view the alternate ad below.

Unlike Gillette’s woke ads, the Renault ads were well received among European viewers.

You have to keep in mind that most of Europe is converged. They’re completely okay with cultural replacement, the dissolution of national identity, and the promotion of societal anarchy.

This is why Britain is in turmoil, Sweden is in chaos, and Germany is on the verge of upheaval.

All of this is being spurred on by corporations intent on pushing sociopolitical agendas instead of just trying to sell people products.

Renault Clio - Lesbians

The real tragedy here is the Clio.

The car gets almost zero screen time in an ad that’s supposed to be about the Clio.

In fact, you get a clearer focus and view of the two lesbians putting their tongues through tango workout than you do the car that’s supposed to be the subject of the advertisement.

In any case, you can add Renault to the list of car companies that got woke. Whether or not Europeans will be savvy enough to lead them toward going broke is a whole other story.

(Thanks for the news tip Ennis)

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