She-Ra Voice Actor Applauds Villain For Being Respectful And Using Proper Pronouns

She-Ra Non-Binary

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power continues to lead the way as the Progressive Liberal’s poster child for propaganda. The latest hoopla centers around one of th enew voice actors praising the writers for making the main villain respectful of a “non-binary” shapeshifter’s pronouns. Seriously.

Pink News is reporting that the new cast member for season four of the show, Jacob Tobia, recently spoke to the LA Times about how socially conscious the main villain is in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, even going so far as to respect the pronouns of a “non-binary” shapeshifter that Tobia voices named Double Trouble.

Tobia explained…

“She-Ra is built for a generation that doesn’t need that kind of education in the same way anymore.


“Young people in Generation Z know who non-binary people are, they know what they/them pronouns are. They know that gender is a spectrum, not a binary. They already know this. […]


“The thing that was really gratifying in a very surprising way for me is a scene where Hordak [the main villain] talks about Double Trouble and just says ‘they’ effortlessly, with no thought, and just uses gender-neutral pronouns.”

That makes Hordak a cultural cuckold.

He’s literally allowing perpetually offended Liberals ravage his culture and dictate to him how he should behave within a society he supposedly built.

The only other alternative is that Hordak is actually a Liberal… at which point, perhaps the creators are trying to tell us something about Liberal villainy?

In any case, Tobia praised the writing team for making Hordak a mouthpiece for all the crazies on Twitter, telling the LA Times…

“Even the most evil person on the planet doesn’t misgender people, because that would be rude. There’s something really cool about that.


“If he can use they/them pronouns appropriately, I think anyone can. Do you really want to be worse than Hordak by misgendering non-binary people? No, you don’t.”

So first of all, there is no such thing as a “non-binary person”. That biologically does not exist. It scientifically is not recognized. There is no genetic strand for “non-binary” people. It’s a made-up thing by people who need some serious psychological help.

Second of all, Hordak isn’t a real villain if he’s respectful of someone’s imaginary gender identity.

If I were Hordak and someone told me to “respect muh pronouns!” I would laugh in their face, tell one of my henchlings to snap a shot of their Twitter profile, use that big red circle around the pronouns in their profile, and then yell out… “Got em!”

(Thanks for the news tip Versed Gamer)

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