Soul Calibur VI Season 2 DLC Trailer Reveals A Boob Plated Hilde

If you recall correctly, you’d know that Hilde was covered up from head to toe in her base outfit in Soul Calibur V. Well, Bandai Namco has taken things to another level with Soul Calibur VI and seems to be embracing special attire by flaunting Hilde off in oppai plated armor.

I’m sure ResetEra or some other forum board is losing their mind over Hilde’s new mound protected armor, which is good on Bandai Namco for sticking to their guns.

With that said, Hilde’s armor change from Soul Calibur V to Soul Calibur VI is as subtle as stepping on a sharp object. In other words, the changes are more than noticeable.

However, I’ll let you be the judge and do research on the matter to see if you can spot changes from the previous game and this edition of the royal highness:

The above video was not only featured on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel, but gamers and fans alike can find similar info on the company’s Twitter account.

As for Hilde’s fighting style, folks can expect to do a lot of close to mid-range attacks, along with grappling moves to help facilitate an aggressive-like playstyle.

We can also see charge attacks and other combos present in the video as well as attacks that call for alternating between her spear and sword — mirroring that of her move set from Soul Calibur V.

Sadly, Bandai Namco has not announced when Hilde will become playable. The good news is that she’s slated to appear as a second season DLC character, so there’s that.

We also know that Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown will join the roster as part of the second season DLC.

In the meantime, Soul Calibur VI is available to pick up right now across PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.