Terminator: Dark Fate Bombs At Box Office
Terminator Dark Fate

The feminist-themed Terminator: Dark Fate looked like a stinker in the making, and oh boy did it stink during its initial airing at theaters in the U.S. After having a rather poor showing at the early previews, earning just $2.35 million on Thursday night ahead of the weekend blitz, according to Studio Daily, the movie went on to tank during the Friday showings.

Forbes is reporting that Terminator: Dark Fate earned just $10.6 million at the box office on Friday.

The film received a well-deserved roasting from YouTuber TheQuartering for getting woke and going broke.

Forbes goes on to suggest that the movie will complete the weekend at around $24 million and will likely total under $55 million in China.

Those are abysmal numbers.

What Forbes gets wrong is that Scott Mendelson erroneously claims people don’t want more Terminator (they do), and that Hollywood should stop trying to make the films (they shouldn’t). Mendelson writes…

“The sheer hubris, to try to convince audiences three times in a row to want something that they clearly don’t want, at great expense, is frankly appalling. The “this time folks will bite” attitude is what has left theatrical moviegoing in grave peril as streaming and television networks have filled the gap for something beyond cover records of yesterday’s former glories.”

The problem isn’t the franchise(s), or Hollywood wanting to make more films; the problem is the kind of films they’re making and who they’re targeting with the films.

As pointed out by Computer Forever, no one wants to see feminist wank material, nor do they want to see franchises subverted with propaganda to push the feminist agenda via a franchise that they once enjoyed, like Star Wars.

Every single Terminator film after the second one has been goofy, corny, nonsensical, or poorly written, poorly directed, or poorly produced.

A film that gets back to the horror-thriller roots of the original, or the tech-pushing spectacle of the sequel would likely get people excited about the film. But then again, the same could be said for the Aliens franchise, the Predator series, or even the RoboCop films.

Unfortunately we’ll likely never get those kind of masculine, testosterone-driven tentpoles in [current year] because Hollywood is too busy trying to subvert expectations, indoctrinate people with their degenerate agendas, and undermine straight, white males at every opportunity.

Until we get all of the Cultural Communists out of the entertainment industry this will never change.

As for Terminator: Dark Fate…its fate was to inevitably end up on the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

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