The Stranded Trailer Dives Into Supernatural Horror From Thailand
The Stranded

Netflix is converged. It bears repeating time and time again. With that being said, there are still some properties that come out of the streaming network that are quite interesting, such as The Stranded, which is a somewhat sci-fi, supernatural horror series that takes place on a small island between Indonesia and Thailand.

Before departing the island for the mainland, various students residing on Pintu Island are left stranded along with some faculty members after a tsunami knocks out the power and destroys their radio tower.

At first it seems like their biggest worry will be dealing with trying to communicate with the outside world while lacking functioning radio equipment, but soon that becomes the least of their worries.

The series seems to combine the survival elements one would expect from a realistic, natural disaster film, with the added bonus of trying to survive supernatural elements from a horror film.

Unfortunately, it seems like the “twist” may have been given away in the trailer already. The astute comment section on YouTube points out that after the trailer reveals that the island’s name means “Gate”, and that the one main character didn’t know how he survived his car being overwhelmed by the flood, it’s likely that all the students who “survived” are actually in purgatory and death is picking off their souls to take to the other side, one by one.

It’s possible that that theory could be true and that’s what’s going on, or it could be something else. But then again, most writers are daft and lack creativity, so the YouTube comment section is probably right.

In any case, the series is set to debut on November 15th during the middle of the month, with all of the episodes made available at the start. Of course, since this is Netflix it means that you probably won’t want to subscribe unless you feel like supporting propaganda designed to unearth and destroy Western civilization.


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