Weekly Recap Nov 2nd: Kotaku On Death Row, Ubisoft Going Broke, Death Stranding Joins PCMR
Weekly Recap

The new owners of the Gizmodo brand of websites ran into some resistance from the staff when they told Deadspin to stop talking about politics. Deadspin staff responded by not only talking about politics but also walking out of the company when the owners, G/O Media, fired one of the deputy editors for talking about politics on a sports page. This devolved into Kotaku staff posturing and mouing on Twitter as if the gaming blog was about to go kaput.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft had to delay a bunch of games because they screwed up so badly that they’re going broke, which further convinced investors to pull out and abandon the company, further hurting their stock price. And Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated Amazon delivery simulator, Death Stranding, will be joining the ranks of the Glorious PC Master Race during the summer of 2020, putting PS4 fanboys on suicide watch.

These stories and so much more in this deliciously jam-packed November 2nd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Ubisoft Goes Broke After Getting Woke

After releasing a string of less-than-decent titles that have been rolled out by Ubisoft, the company is now suffering for it… greatly. The stock price for Ubisoft has tanked drastically, resulting their entire portfolio for the following year and the next year to come. Speaking of bad business, Ubisoft wasn’t the only one rummaging through the refuse of corporate corporation. Disney has been suspected of fixing the books for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Mary Skelter 2 was banned in Australia, but no reason was given as to why. The Outer Worlds has turned out to be quite the mess, with the game censoring certain words, preventing players from naming their character whatever they want. The fight for James Younger isn’t quite over with yet, but there’s better news this time around than what was initially reported before.


Death Stranding Announced For PC; PS4 Fanboys On Suicide Watch

Everyone already knew that Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding was coming to PC, but no one knew when. PS4 fanboys tried playing it off that the game was always going to be PS4 exclusive, but Kojima recently revealed that Death Stranding was headed to PC during the summer of 2020, putting all those diehard fanboys on suicide watch. In bad news, Crunchyroll is adopting the WebToon comics into animated cartoons and they’re starting with Tower of God and Noblesse. Some SJWs went and freaked out over some fan-service in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump, using the “think of the children” excuse to brandish a whip on anything that males enjoy. And sadly the casino sports game, FIFA 20, and the broken wrestling title, WWE 2K20, topped the UKIE charts along with Call of Duty: Feminist Warfare.


Kotaku Could Be Going Broke

The Kotaku staff are up in arms as they battle against their new owners in G/O Media, who have promptly opted to get the politics out of their brands. Some of the Deadspin staff walked out after their deputy editor was fired for keeping politics in the articles after being told not to, and Kotaku staff huffed and puffed their chests in response, leading a lot of people to hope that the gaming blog is finally ready to die in result. YouTube’s hidden Pscores were finally revealed in a detailed breakdown by various YouTubers. This outs what many people have assumed all along, that YouTube has been using various metrics to stifle and suppress certain kinds of content and content creators. Dragon Age 4 is expected to arrive at some point in 2022 along with the next Battlefield outing.


Fallout 76: Class Warfare Edition

It appears Bethesda just can’t catch a break and it’s all because of their own doing. The latest fiasco involves a class war breaking out within Fallout 76 like a race war during a prison riot. And in more Fallout 76 failure news, the game’s Halloween event turned out to be a bust, replete with glitches and game crashes. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey has been hit with negative reviews from game journalists who didn’t even play the game and started criticizing it for content not even available in the game itself! The hits just keep on coming for Blizzard, but not in a good way. Mitsubishi pulled out sponsorship support for the company following their kowtowing to Chinese censorship. Electronic Arts expects to ship 6 million copies of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which is probably why they dumped it back onto Steam. And Twitter has decided to ban all political advertising on the platform, which many believe will eventually turn into anti-Conservative and anti-Republican advertising leading into the 2020 elections.


Blizzard Apologizes At BlizzCon

A Vietnamese artist wanted to “trigger” some snowflakes and he found out the hard way that the Azur Lane Reddit community is filled with plenty of snowflakes, so much so that some people complained about his sexy, busty Halloween artwork that won a contest to appear in Azur Lane as a loading screen, and the developer acquiesced to the complaints. The real sad part about this whole saga is how willing the community is to roll over and accept the censorship because they claim the developer had “scumbag” intentions. Netflix’s The Witcher is not only pozzed but apparently the show will focus more on Yennefer and Ciri, according to some of the latest reports about the upcoming series. And speaking of pozz… new details have been teased for Sony’s Enter The Spider-Verse 2, and it may include an interracial relationship between Miles and Spider-Gwen. The ACCC forced Zenimax to honor refunds for Fallout 76, while Blizzard groveled and apologized during the opening keynote speech at this year’s BlizzCon, and unfortunately a bunch of weak-willed fanboys gave in and accepted the apology while cheering and celebrating the announcements for Diablo IV and Overwatch 2.


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