Weekly Recap Nov 9th: Terminator Goes Broke, FBI Prove Useless, Feminist Wage War On Anime
Weekly Recap

This Weekly Recap is going up a little earlier than usual. With the site migrating to a new server after SJWs threw a hissy fit over the Yuuna article, we were given an ultimatum, and so ultimately we had to move. Nevertheless, we’re still trying to work around the transfer and should hopefully have everything back to normal soon.

Nevertheless, this week proved to be quite eventful for the anti-SJW side, racking up some notable victories in the Get Woke, Go Broke sector, as well as continuing to trigger NPCs with the “It’s Okay To Be White” signs that actually managed to the FBI involved. Feminists also went bat-guana insane and attempted to get various people deplatformed because they defended fan-service in anime.

These stories and more in this November 9th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap


Terminator: Dark Fate Got Woke And Went Broke

It should have been a lesson learned before that getting woke almost always results in going broke, but studios don’t like learning from history because apparently they’re blind, deaf, dumb, and illiterate. In any case, Terminator: Dark Fate, helmed by Tim Miller and starring Linda Hamilton, a no-name lesbian looking chick, and a Mexican who looks like she would have a photo on ICE’s offices that says “Deported” under her name, helped tank the Terminator franchise to unforeseen depths, resulting in the box office failure of once venerable franchise. In more
Get Woke, Go Broke news, the Cider Riot hangout for Antifa was shut down due to running out of funds. And speaking of running out of funds… Rovio has been suffering from some steep profit declines with the Angry Birds franchise, resulting in some dire times facing the company in the near future. And the BBC is rebooting Dracula as a bisexual, and turning Van Helsing into a woman, because… [current year].


Kojima Wants To Make Films

In the most “duh” moment of the year, Hideo Kojima revealed that he would one day like to make films, something that seemed obvious given his penchant for turning his games into partially playable movies. HBO cancelled Bloodmoon, with some of the reports indicating that it was because the show was too woke. Twitch and their lack of policies regarding charity fraud has been censored on all the major gaming sub-reddits. Terminator: Dark Fate didn’t just bomb out at the box office, it also managed to kill any hopes for future Terminators after the franchise was put on ice, and effectively terminated. The English Azur Lane staff have halfheartedly apologized for censoring the Halloween contest art following complaints from SJWs. And Russia has a new law in effect that allows the State department to effectively censor the entire Russian internet.


FBI Investigating “Okay To Be White” Signs

In what must be one of the biggest wastes of tax payer dollars next to every check AOC receives for being an incumbent, the FBI have begun investigating “It’s Okay To Be White” signs. Suda51 revealed that No More Heroes 3 will take place in an open world. Sega’s localization team working on English versions of games like Yakuza have been converged, as the latest remaster, Yakuza 4: HD Remaster, turned out to be censored. It looks like Guerrilla Games is ramping up hiring for Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, and YouTube went the extra mile and decided to completely demonetize Mister Metokur, even though he has no content on his YouTube channel, and was only using it to live-stream to his audience. ABC was also making headlines for scuttling a story about Jeffrey Epstein three years ago, protecting the elite’s pedophile rings instead of dragging it out into the daylight.


Feminist Try To Make YellowFlash Into A Poor Bum

After YouTuber YellowFlash pointed out how ridiculous feminists and Social Justice activists were for trying to get Shonen Jump fan-service censored, feminists and Social Justice activists decided to target YellowFlash, mass-reporting his Patreon account in an attempt to get him booted from the platform and ultimately make poor. The Social Justice types also went after Stefan Molyneux, labeling him as anti-Semitic, and trying to get him booted off of PayPal, which resulted in them partially succeeding. In brighter news, the producer of Fairy Tail has confirmed that the upcoming game will contain plenty of fan-service. And OAG’s own Kevin decided to take aim at GameSpot for their ridiculous review of Konosuba Legend of Crimson. Oh, and Gab has shown their true colors… again.


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