World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Add More Racial Customization Features
World of Warcraft Racial Customization - Blizzard Entertainment

It needs to be repeated and repeated often: Liberals are the most racist people on the face of the planet. All they see is someone’s skin color as the identity of their character and apply reductionism to that character in order to brandish their race as a talking point for virtue signaling. That’s exactly what Blizzard is doing with World of Warcraft.

Blizzard revealed that they will be overhauling the character creation tools in World of Warcraft in an upcoming update. The expansion of the character customization will focus on the different racial features for each of the races, including focusing on adding blacks and Asians to the game.

The new racial features were outlined near the tail-end of the near 50 minute World of Warcraft presentation. The customization pops up at the 42 minute mark in the video below, captured courtesy of GamersPrey.

As detailed in the video, dwarves, trolls, humans and ogres will have more racial customization features, including different skin colors, body paint, hair-styles, and body/facial accessories.

When it gets to the humans you can basically see that you can’t be Asian but look Caucasian or you can’t have dark skin and not look African.

Blizzard hammered the intent of separating characters by race by showing an Asian couple in the crowd to distinctly convey to the audience that they don’t look white and don’t look like the way their characters used to look in World of Warcraft.

Most of the changes boil down to more skin color variations and body paint, and of course, making the characters look more African.

Only the trolls really actually stand out as looking more distinct without looking as if they were put through a color swap that was scooped out of a southern hemisphere palette pool.

To no one’s surprise, the Reddit thread about this announcement is laced with all sorts of passive-aggressive warnings from moderators who won’t even allow people to criticize this ridiculous move by Blizzard to score virtue signal points.

Highlord Ex_iledd made the following condescending post…


Racist Liberals let their veil slip early, though, signifying that making characters look more animalistic was equivalent to making them look more “black”, which goes back to the saying that Liberals are the most racist people on the planet. Equeon wrote…

“While the black skin does exist, they still have fairly Caucasian facial features. It’s like the “every black woman in a TV commercial” meme where she looks “black, but not too black” Now that option lets people design their human characters to be a little more representative of themselves (though height/weight sliders for all races would be the bomb!) […]”

Obviously, Asians are supposed to look like bug-eyed pygmies, right? They can’t have fair skin and attractive features like they do in real life? This lets you know where the mindset is for most Liberals that haunt social gathering places online such as Reddit.

In any case, there were a couple of people who did point out the Congo-sized gorilla in the room, noting that a lot of times people recoil when developers start talking “race”, “gender”, and “sex” in combination with “diversity” or “inclusiveness”.

Any two combinations of those words are a recipe for propaganda.

Reddit user Gregamonster summed it up well, writing…

“There are people who get upset when it feels like developers were “forced” to make something outside of what they wanted to be more politically correct.


“Characters with no established sexuality being revealed gay, the sudden inclusion of more ethnic diversity when there wasn’t before, female characters suddenly taking the spotlight after people complaining the story is to male centric. Anything that feels like a sharp turn towards inclusiveness sets them off.


“And I will admit, it’s never fun to feel like the makers of your favorite anything got bullied into making something they didn’t want to make. But at the end of the day, neither side has a right to demand anything from a creator beyond the product they advertised. If this is what Blizzard wants to include in their game, more power to them. If Blizzard doesn’t want to make it, more power to them.


“At the end of the day, Blizzard is the only one who gets a choice in what they include in their game.”

Unfortunately Blizzard has been including a lot of nonsense in their games lately. Turning main characters gay in some regions while avoiding feeding them the alphabet soup in others, or excluding straight white males from their character line-ups just to appear progressive, or banning Pepe memes, or punishing e-sports champions for liking freedom.

In any case, this is just more virtue signaling and posturing from Blizzard to win woke points with the usual suspects and exculpate their recent shortcomings when it comes to human rights abuses.

Sadly, every seemingly “good” feature these days are always used as Liberal Progressive dogwhistles to lure in the most obnoxious and insufferable people on this planet.

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