Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, And Yakuza Kiwami 2 Headed To Xbox One, Game Pass In 2020


Microsoft announced that three of Sega’s Yakuza games are headed to the Xbox One and the Game Pass program for both Xbox and the Windows Store on PC starting in 2020.

The news part of the collage of announcements that Microsoft rolled out during this year’s X019 event, which saw other companies like Dontnod Entertainment introducing their new IP Tell Me Why, featuring a transgender lead.

Sega of America’s communications manager, Jonathon Stebel, and junior producer, Jon Riesenbach, discussed the Yakuza games arriving on the Xbox One for the very first time, mentioning on the Xbox News Wire

“This series began in Japan nearly 14 years ago, and it’s slowly built up a cult following in the West; we’re excited to have the opportunity to finally introduce Xbox fans to this bizarre and fascinating series. It’s probably not what you expect, unless you expect a session of Yakuza 0 to have you cap off a night of bowling by hiring a chicken as your real estate manager […]”

The article spends its time explaining the ins and outs of the peculiar beat-’em-up game set in the criminal underground of Japanese gangsters.

It’s not just about beating guys up, though. As they mentioned in the intro paragraph, you’ll also be rummaging through the night life of Japan’s hostess culture, playing arcade games, engaging in a little phone sex, and even helping out some of the locals.

Unlike the Western releases of the Yakuza games on PC and PS4, Sega decided to start things off right by starting at the beginning with the Yakuza 0 prequel, which takes place before the events of the original game on the PS2, and the two Yakuza Kiwami titles, which are remakes of the original games.

Basically it’s a trilogy of titles that introduce you to the characters and early goings of Kiryu and the gang within the world of Ryu Ga Gotoku’s venerable series.

The only downside is that with Sega’s recent localization teams taking liberties with censoring content with the Western releases, gamers will have to be extra vigilant in keeping an eye on the Xbox outings to see if all the content will stay intact.

Pro-censorship advocates have weaseled their way into most localization gigs, and have been running amok with changing, altering, and removing content from Japanese releases in America and Europe. So we’ll find out more as the trilogy of Yakuza games prep to release on the Xbox One and on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC in early 2020.

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