Amazon Christmas Ad Promotes Lesbian Relationships

Amazon Lesbian Propaganda

It seems like there’s no shortage of alphabet soup in the diet of media consumption during [current year]. The buffet of pop-culture offerings seems to be dwindling down heteronormative standards in place of trying to adhere to the whims of the Twitter hordes and Portland-esque propaganda puppets who want all things Rainbow Reich controlling media, politics, and society in general. This became evident with Amazon’s Christmas ad, which decided to fall lock-step in sync with [current year] trends.

The ad is a minute and a half long, and it was originally published back on November 3rd, 2019 over on Amazon’s YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

The theme of the ad is that a bunch of people are singing and talking about love and crap, and they show people hugging, holding hands and showing very light public displays of affection.

However, at the 49 second mark there’s a couple that runs and embraces with the biggest, longest kiss of the ad. However, it’s not a man and a woman… it’s a woman and a woman.

But it doesn’t stop there. They go all-in: it’s an interracial lesbian couple.

Amazon Lesbian Ad

The first woman races toward the second woman who has her back to the camera. The first woman, a white woman with the sides of her head shaved, jumps into the embrace of a smaller Asian woman with dark hair. That’s when they kiss… for seconds on end.

The moments that don’t involve the kiss between these two are brief; fleeting faster than a dove out of a fog during an east coast thunderstorm.

In total, they spend close to four seconds on the lesbian couple, two of which are completely centered on the kiss itself. In other words, half the time that the lesbians were depicted in their sequence was focused on the kiss.

Expect the typical Centrists™ to run to the defense of the ad as they usually do, likely while they dress up their kid in drag clothing or allow their wife’s boyfriend to take them to dinner and a movie.

(Thanks for the news tip monzaemon92)

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