BitChute Crowdfunds Decentralized Livestreaming
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Tired of being told what language you can’t use while you livestream? Sick of being deplatformed because you said a naughty word some snowflake deemed “offensive” or “racist”? Fed up with having your shekels shyster’d from your coffers like a tourist at a flea market in Brooklyn, New York? Well, don’t fret about it… BitChute has an answer: decentralized livestreaming.

The technology exists, the will is there, and the desire is fresh and fervent. The only thing left to do is to fund the means to make it happen.

That’s why BitChute is hosting a crowdfunding drive right now over on their official website.

They’re currently looking for $66,000 to bring this feature to life on their platform.

The idea is that during the 2020 elections they want some way to provide users with the ability to livestream the content without having to worry about being censored, banned, blocked, terminated, or hit with a multitude of copyright strikes that will scuttle most YouTubers’ ability to livestream.

As mentioned on the donation page…

“Many people in independent media are capable of out-competing the MSM in ratings. Tens of thousands of viewers on live-streams will be a common thing in the build-up to the 2020 election. However, it will only take some pressure from activists to eliminate the majority of the platforms willing to host these kinds of streams. In addition, laws such as the copyright directive, Article 17 in the EU and other proposed changes around the world are placing more regulatory burden onto platforms which may mean the risk and cost of hosting creators in the open way that we have all come to love simply become too great for any centralized service. For this reason, we have decided that BitChute live-streaming needs to be a fully decentralized protocol from launch.”

Getting funded won’t be the problem, though; getting the word out will.

The main issue that BitChute faces is that there just aren’t enough major media forces out there to inform people about what’s really going on. Even fewer choose to actually fight for your ability to surf the internet freely.

Thankfully they’re crowdfunding through their own site and not through Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, so there’s no time limit on the campaign like there would be on the other two platforms. That’s not to mention that getting crowdfunding campaigns deplatformed has also become a thing, with various projects getting booted off of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for asinine reasons.

For instance, both the Lonestar comic and Mikandi Japan’s projects were booted off of Kickstarter, while IndieGoGo had the Rebel Yell comic banned after the Trust and Safety division deemed it inappropriate for their platform.

In any case, this is why BitChute is crowdfunding through their own website instead of through some third-party platform.

You can help contribute to the cause right now by visiting the official BitChute website.

They’re accepting the Ethereum cryptocurrency as a means of financial support, which you can purchase from the Coinmama exchange.

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