Chucklefish Apologizes To SJWs Over Whites Voicing Three “POC” Characters In Wargroove

With SJW logic floating around this era, the soy-sipping crowd has no problems with people like Phil Lamarr voicing characters like Samurai Jack from the animated show, or Terrence C. Carson and Christopher Judge voicing Kratos from the God of War series, but once we have whites like Laura Bailey voicing Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, or like in this recent case with Wargroove and Chucklefish, we see the social justice crowd fall apart.

Way back on November 13th, 2019, Chucklefish posted a tweet sharing with its community who would be voicing the latest characters in the forthcoming update. Wulfar happens to be white, and the other three are “PoC” characters named Errol, Orla, and Vesper.

Like natural clockwork, the real ignorant bunch, SJWs, came out of the woodwork to hound down Chucklefish for casting whites to voice three “PoC” characters. Because, you know, people were somehow harmed during the voice session.

Cases of social justice warriors screeching at the top of their lungs sit below:

Catching wind from publication site, we learn that more SJW whining boiled on behind the scenes in that the site has this to say:

“Chucklefish has apologized following criticism that an upcoming DLC pack for its game Wargroove whitewashed its voice actor casting by hiring white voice actors to play three different characters of color.”

And like a snap of the finger, Chucklefish curled up and kowtowed to the ever screeching force in fear of losing out on being a good social justice company by issuing out the following apology:

People using common sense couldn’t fathom the nonsense on Chucklefish’s end, and had the following to say:

So there you have it. If a cartoon or video game has a person of color voicing a white person, everything is alright β€” like in Kratos’ case. But as soon as a publisher or developer has a white person voicing a black person, get ready for some low tier social justice takes.

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