Devil May Cry 5 Was Censored In U.K. For PS4 Due To European Legislation, Says Capcom

Devil May Cry 5 Censorship

Way back in March of 2019 it was discovered that Devil May Cry 5 was censored on the PS4 using the now iconic mysterious lights that various developers rely on to hide sexually themed fan-service content. Gamers quickly came up with workarounds and mods to bypass the censorship before Capcom eventually patched the game so in North America the PS4 version removed the obnoxious lens flare. However, not every country outside of Asia received the patch and this left gamers curious as to why certain regions got the patch but others didn’t. Well, Capcom finally explained why.

Twitter user OVA Gaiden shared a response from Capcom U.K’s support staff, where they explained exactly why the censorship was added in the first place and why it wasn’t removed for certain regions.

If the message isn’t displaying the full response or if you’re unable to view the tweet, it reads…

“We are happy to know that you want to buy this game, but unfortunately [the censorship] is due to the European Community legislation which prohibits marketing for this type of content in all of the members countries. […]”

This doesn’t really explain exactly why a single scene in the eight-through-ten hour game needed blinding lights to cover up a fraction of a second shot of Trish’s butt crack?

For those of you unfamiliar with the scene in question, you can check out the comparison video below by Naughty Gaming 2.

None of the fan-service from the game was used in the promotional material anyway. It wasn’t like we saw Lady’s bare butt in the trailers or was it used as a promotional point outside of simply appearing in the game.

Anyway, now that the censorship train is running full steam ahead, expect to see it popping up more and more often across the board. Terminator: Resistance was the latest mainstream game to get hit with censorship, with the developers blaming Sony and Microsoft for having to cull the perspective so you couldn’t see the bare boobs on the female characters during the sex scenes.

(Thanks for the news tip OVA Gaiden)