Dragon Ball FighterZ Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch Squashes Attempted Smear
Johnny Young Bosch

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works replaced Vic Mignogna as the voice of Broly with Johnny Yong Bosch in Dragon Ball FighterZ. This took place after the media and various activists smeared Mignogna all across the net, resulting in him losing out on many of his previous jobs. While Mignogna retaliated with a lawsuit against coworkers who were co-conspirators in getting him fired from Funimation, Bandai and Arc System Works moved forward with hiring former Power Rangers star Johnny Yong Bosch to voice Broly, and there are already some Social Justice types trying to smear the actor over nothing.

YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy rolled out a video covering the incident, where some SJWs attempted to flog and disgrace Johnny Yong Bosch for absolutely no reason.

Basically there was someone attempting to state that Bosch had mistreated female coworkers in the past, but they failed to provide any sort of proof or evidence for their claims. They were light on citations and this helped keep Bosch from being dogpiled and lambasted quite as readily as some other celebrities.

Now unlike some people who allow misinformation to spread unchecked, Bosch was quick to chime in and defend his good name from the smears of the Twitter mobs.

On December 3rd, 2019 Bosch began to respond to what was being posted in the Twitter threads.

After Bosch put the Social Justice Propaganda Putty Patrol down, some others thought that the issue was bigger than what it really was, and popped into the thread to try to white knight for Bosch, but Bosch made it known that it was just one and he didn’t even need the Megazord to deal with them.

After the event was settled, it appears as if Bosch was let go by the vice grip of Social Justice, and he managed to carry on about his day without any problems.

This is a good lesson on how to deal with these types. You give them a good verbal pummeling like the Black Ranger going wu-shu on a couple of Putties. It’ll put them down real quick and allow you to get back to living a normal life that doesn’t involve massive Twitter threads and nonsense spread by people who hate their own lives and attempt to spread that hatred around the world via social media.

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