Free Guy Trailer Is About An NPC Who Gains Sentience In GTA-Style Video Game

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi star in a new action-comedy from 20th Century Fox called Free Guy. It’s about an NPC living in a world not unlike Grand Theft Auto Online where he’s a clerk at a bank where it gets robbed every single day… until one day he decides to fight back.

The moment Reynolds fights back he gets the crap beat out of him but also manages to lift the player-bought glasses from one of the characters he accidentally kills. When he puts the glasses on it brings up the player HUD, enabling him to see all the power-ups and pickups, as well as the other players, drivable vehicles, weapons, boosts, and mission objectives. You know, all the annoying, over-crowded nonsense that contributes to the degradation of your in-game visibility.

He uses his newfound powers – much like the glasses from John Carpenter’s They Live – to navigate his way through the violent, open-world simulation, accompanying a hot British chick to a pad with a bunch of expensive and sexy cars, and two Glocks.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

Some people have speculated that at the end of the film it turns out that Deadpool is actually playing the game as a Ryan Reynolds avatar. If the writers really did take that route it would be very… meta.

Overall, it looks like the film is trying by all accounts to be generically fun.

There isn’t much of a message there (from what I can tell) and Reynolds appears to be playing a straight, white male (which is shocking in today’s age), and there’s a lot of color and lot of special effects, and plenty of action, violence, chase scenes, and over-the-top CGI.

>Free Guy - Rule Breakers

It’s hard to get a read on the film right now. It looks like it could be two hours of unadulterated entertainment, but it could also go the other way of being an over-indulgent, messy, aimless piece of schlock.

Then again, given the trends of [current year], I would take a messy, aimless, schlocky piece of crap over some agenda-pushing, annoying, “diversity”-ridden, alphabet soup propaganda.

In any case, you can look for Free Guy to make its way into theaters on July 3rd in 2020. Why they rolled out a trailer half a year from release? I have no idea, but it’s receiving millions of views already and has garnered a lot of positive feedback so I’m guessing they’re going to use it to gauge what sort of tweaks they can make before it hits theaters.

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