Hallmark Bends The Knee To LGBT Twitter Hordes, Will Reinstate Lesbian Zola Ad

Hallmark Reinstates Zola Ad

It’s being reported that just a day after LGBTQIA+ fanatics made the hashtag #BoycottHallmark trend on Twitter, the Crown Media team that opertaes the Hallmark brands decided to issue a letter on December 15th, 2019 apologizing to the LGBTQIA+ community and vowing to reinstate the Zola ad featuring a lesbian couple kissing during their wedding.

Axios picked up the news after Hallmark sent out the letter, the relevant part of which reads…

“Hallmark is, and always have been, committed to diversity and inclusion – both in our workplace as well as the products and experiences we create. It is never Hallmark’s intention to be divisive or generate controversy. We are an inclusive company and have a track record to prove it. We have LGBTQ greeting cards and feature LGBTQ couples in commercials. We have been recognized as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity. We have been a progressive pioneer on television for decades – telling wide ranging stories that elevate the human spirit such as August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson and Colm Toibin’s The Blackwater Lightship, both which highlight the importance of tolerance and understanding.


“Hallmark will be working with GLAAD to better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands. The Hallmark Channel will be reaching out to Zola to reestablish our partnership and reinstate the commercials.”

So basically, score another big win for the Rainbow Reich.

Any and everything they want, they get. Any and everything they say, others do.

This has become the standard trend for today’s society, where a vocal minority literally dictates the entire course of Western culture, whether it be in literature, comic books, television, movies, or video games. They always get what they want.

If they want something banned, they get it. If they want something unbanned… they typically get that, too.

I’m curious how Hallmark’s regular viewers will take to this change in the company’s ideological disposition? The channel’s core demographic skew straight females between 18 and 54, according to Broadcasting Cable and the Nielsen Media ratings. Will they continue to just scarf down any kind of views they don’t agree with until they become complacent with the message being peddled by the propagandists? Or will they stop watching Hallmark?

We’ll I guess we’ll find out when the numbers for the holiday quarter drops.

(Thanks for the news tip Gab)

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