Interspecies Reviewers Trailer Is Filled With Cleavage, Boobs, And Hot Monster Girls
Interspecies Reviewers

Amahara’s Interspecies Reviews from Dragon Comics Age managed to get picked up and published by Kadokawa as a popular manga, and now it’s becoming an anime. We originally reported that the debut for the series would take place in Japan in January of 2020, but Kadokawa followed up with a brand new trailer featuring a brief look at the characters and animations, and oh boy is it going to trigger a lot of the sex-negative regressives.

The two minute teaser trailer sets up the story with the swordsman Stunk and his elf archer pal, Zel, taking down a demon attacking a fallen angel from heaven. While the angel thinks that they’re in safe company with the duo, they soon find out that the two adventurers go around to whorehouses and bang as many different monster girls as they can.

The trailer is pretty hilarious and you can check it out for yourself below, courtesy of MediaFactory.

The series follows the trio as they hit as many whorehouses as possible and rank the beauties that they bang.

The angel – like a loli representation of Gab – is truly perturbed at the lecherous behavior of their fellow companions, and protests their antics that drive them into the looming circles of lewd ladies.

The manga is played for laughs and the anime seems to be following the exact same trend.

Don’t expect any kind of grandiose messaging or cryptic subversion, or at least you shouldn’t expect it.

Hopefully the anime keeps it lighthearted and focused on the ecchi content instead of trying to delve into other territory.

You can look for the fan-service heavy anime to make its debut in Japan starting January 11th, 2020. You can learn more about Interspecies Reviewers by visiting the official Isyuzoku website.

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