Latest Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Trailer Confirms Leaks

One thing in current year that is becoming increasingly bizarre is what hills people will choose to die on. With the Rise of Skywalker approaching its release, we’ve been hearing from a steady stream of leaks that the movie is an absolute disaster with test audiences and the plot itself is an absolute dumpster fire.

These leaks, chiefly from Doomcock and Midnight’s Edge have been far from vague. Both channels have been very careful in reporting what they had heard  until it could be confirmed by an external source to be regarded as rumors and taken with a grain of salt. Some of the earlier rumors were so absurd that Doomcock, until the rumors were backed by a second source, believed it was possible the information being leaked was false and being potentially leaked to discredit the Fandom Menace.

Even though they were careful to state in their videos the content should be taken with a grain of sand they were not vague rumors bereft of details regarding the plots and their reception. Before the latest trailer dropped a slew of people have taken Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams at their word and have begun denouncing the previous leaks as baseless and false. Despite J.J. letting slip previous cuts before the final were test screened before correcting himself in his interview.

Particularly what is foolhardy about these denouncements is if any of the aforementioned details were to eventually pan out, denouncing them as fake and false would only serve to damage or destroy the denouncer’s reputations. With the latest trailer that process appears to have begun as the Fandom Menace has foreseen it.

One of the most absurd details revealed in the leaks and the one with the highest probability of being false was the existence of a Sith dagger that would lead the Amazing Wonder Rey to the planet Emperor Palpatine was on. It was this dagger that C3PO would sacrifice his memory banks to decode and gain his red eyes seen in a prior trailer.

To no one’s surprise in the Fandom Menace in the latest trailer for Rise of Skywalker the exact dagger described in multiple leaks, by multiple sources is in the hands of Rey with C3PO in the background. This does not confirm the entirety of the leaks, but if the most absurd detail of the leaks is true then it adds an immense amount of validity to them.

You can see the dagger that was mentioned in the leaks as part of the trailer below at the 12 second mark, courtesy of One Media.

Rather than choosing to do as I have, to sit back and wait and see whether these leaks panned out or whether these channels were made fools of many decided to open their mouths with absolutely no evidence aside from the word of known liars with a vested interest in lying to consumers. A rather odd hill to choose to die on.


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