Life Is Strange 2: Episode 5 Walkthrough And Choices

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 Walkthrough

Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange 2 is finally starting to wrap up as the developers have rolled out the fifth and final episode of the season for the game for Xbox One, PC, PS4, Linux, and Mac. If you’re still sticking with playing through the propaganda-filled adventure series, this walkthrough and choices guide will help you get to the end while covering some of the major decisions you can make throughout the episode.

YouTuber MKIceandFire was one of the first to have up the first part of the final episode, Life Is Strange 2: Episode 5 – Wolves. You can check it out below.

After the intro scene, your first option is to reassure Daniel. You can either tell him that Christian cult leader – because in the minds of Dontnod, Christians are evil but criminals who killed a cop aren’t – is either “scared” or “lucky” (assuming you didn’t kill her in Episode 4).

You can also tell Daniel that it’s important that they’re “together” or that “she has no power”. If you tell Daniel that she’s weak and has no power it insuates that he can get away with dominating people.

Daniel will also ask if they’re criminals. You can either say “sure” or “sort of…”, with one option depicting them as villains and the other being a little more contemplative about their situation.

Daniel will also attempt to take over Sean’s story. You can either let him or say that it’s Sean’s story.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Sunrise

If you let Daniel take over the story he will remember that and it will increase his bond with Sean.

From there you’ll need to clean up the campsite with the help of Daniel’s powers.

Once you finish, make your way down the mountain trail.

When you get to the toppled rock impasse, press ‘B’ on the Xbox controller or ‘Circle’ on the PS4 DualShock to ask Daniel for help in moving the rocks.

The intro sequence will finally play and then you’ll need to talk to Daniel about the crops.

You’ll eventually talk to a cancer-looking artist, Joan, who is against capitalism and is pro-communist; because Liberals love communism just until people start pirating their crap, then they’re all for capitalism.

Anyway, the ugly chick will ask you to help her out with her art project. You can either choose“Better not to interfere” or “okay”. If you choose not to interfere than you won’t partake in a mini-game where you have to move the junk around.

If you choose okay, you’ll need to move the belly to the center, the head to the top, and the arms.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Ugly Sculpture

Once you finish putting the pieces in place you’ll need to go talk to the gay couple, Arthur and Stanley, who gave Sean the telescope.

The gay couple makes it known that they’re gay… oh, and did I mention that they’re gay? Well, they mention that they’re gay like every other sentence.

They lament being gay in today’s society and how they escaped San Francisco to live happily gay ever after in the desert.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Being Gay Is Dangerous

Dontnod lays on the Liberal gay propaganda thick, with a gay flag next to the American flag and Sean quips, “These are real patriots”.

Daniel will tell Sean that he saw Arthur and Stanley kissing and felt it was strange. Sean doesn’t have any options to tell Daniel that being gay is wrong, he can only tell him that he doesn’t care, it’s “kinda normal” or that Daniel is a stalker. They literally FORCE you to accept Arthur and Stanley’s gay relationship. There is no option to deny it or reject it.

After you get done being coerced into accepting gay propaganda, Daniel will send you on a mission to find hidden treasure.

When Daniel has you to play his little pirate game, go over to the windmill and pick up the rock to find the first part of the map.

The second piece is by the solar panels near the mobile home.

Go over to the car wrecks to find the treasure that Daniel hid.

Make your way back to the road and Karen and some beta-male will drive up to the hipster commune.

When Karen comes back she’ll ask how they liked spending the night in the desert, and you can choose to tell her it’s either “Amazing” or it was “too cold”.

You can talk to David and ask him about his past, he makes it seem like he’s the same David from the original Life is Strange who helped save Max from being turned into pedo-bait and constantly argued with Chloe.

In any case, after talking with David, go inside and examine the grocery list and then go talk to Karen.

After discussing how she ended up in the desert, the three of them – Karen, Daniel, and Sean – will make a trek out into the desert.

Follow Karen to the spot and then you’ll be able to ask “Could you come with us” or if she thinks they’ll make it.

If you ask Karen to join Sean and Daniel, she’ll decline by telling them that the Feds are following them and it’s just a matter of time before they catch up with them.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Feds Are Coming

So not only is she a deadbeat mom, but she also gives them no hope for being successful criminals.

After the cinematic, Sean will have the option to ask how far the border is or what she will do.

You’ll have the option to then tell Karen “Thank you” or “You don’t have to do this”.

Afterward, Sean will go in to write Karen a letter. You’ll have the option to write either a touching or condescending letter to Karen – you can also rewrite if it’s not to your liking.

Once you get done head to David’s trailer and he will tell you grab the police scanner.

Use the left analog to scroll through the channels between frequencies 144 and 160.

Change the frequency to: 154.95.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - David From LiS 1

Before leaving you’ll be able to spot a picture on the wall that confirms that it is indeed David from the original Life is Strange.

When you go outside you’ll also be able to ask why David came to the commune or if he made peace with Chloe and Max. If you choose to ask if he made peace with them, he will explain that Chloe and Max passed through their little junk village.

Eventually David will propose for Sean to turn himself. This will give you the option to either say “Turn Myself In” or “I Want A New Life”.

If you say you want a new life, Sean will justify being on the run.

Sean will then have to talk to the two gay dudes before leaving, where you’ll have the option to say “No way” or “Sure” when they ask if you’ll visit.

Before you depart, you can speak to Joan, who will ask what you think of her latest work.

Finally, before leaving, talk to Karen… again… and you’ll be able to ask if Karen and Esteban ever went to Mexico together, or that you wished Esteban was there.

You’ll also be able to choose to tell Karen if you’re not sure you can do it, or that you just want it to be over, or that Daniel’s power freaks you out.

Finally, when Karen says that Daniel might be able to help out, you can be snarky to her and choose to hug her or not hug her.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Hug or Don't Hug

If you choose to hug Karen, everyone will remember that.

If you choose not to hug Karen, everyone will remember that, too. Only you will leave the settlement with bad blood in the air.

You’ll then have to convince Daniel that everything is okay once they get to Peurto Lobos.

When the duo finally reach the wall, have Daniel destroy the wall.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - The Wall

Before the duo can cross into Mexico, Dontnod steeps right back into their racism against whites by having some country mercenaries shoot Daniel.

However, before anything further happens the state patrol arrives and arrests the mercenaries and then arrest Sean, placing him in a cage alongside a Mexican family and the two mercenaries that tried to kill them.

You’ll be able to talk to the illegal immigrants and either explain to them why Sean and Daniel are trying to get to Mexico, as well as ask why they’re trying to get to Mexico.

You’ll then be able to get into an argument with the straight white American woman about America being safe.

During the argument, you will be able to intervene or speak up on the illegal immigrants’ behalf.

Eventually the officer will come in and bring Sean into the holding room. You can examine some stuff but basically you’ll have to wait until the officer comes in.

You can either choose to say “whatever” or “I can explain”, but the officer won’t listen to whatever Sean has to say.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Interrogation

It doesn’t matter what you say to the officer, he will get blasted back by Daniel, who comes charging in to rescue Sean… again.

You can also help rescue the illegal immigrants, Carla and Diego, because Dontnod Entertainment loves to support illegal immigrants and people who break crimes. However, you also have the option of freeing or taking revenge against the vigilantes.

If you trained up Daniel correctly, if you attempt to take revenge against the hillbillies Daniel will advise against it.

However, if you trained up Daniel to be evil, and you tell him to take revenge against the hillbillies, he will use his powers to attack them and blast them back against the wall, as depicted in the alternate playthrough by DomTheBomb.

Two officers will come in to stop Daniel and Sean – you can either distract them or hurt them by throwing a locker at them.

Head into the storage lockup to grab the gear and leave.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - The Final Choice

During the final showdown, Sean and Daniel will face off against a roadblock and you’ll have the choice of either running the blockade to get to the other side or surrender.

If you choose to surrender, Daniel will go live with his grandparents.

15 years later, after Daniel graduates from high school, gets a job as a barista, and visits his mom again, he goes back to see that Sean is getting out of prison, finally.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Life After Prison

Somehow Sean turns into Joel from The Last Of Us, looking way more badass than he deserves.

In the alternate ending where you choose to cross the border, Sean will have Daniel to use his powers to blast through the cops as Sean races across the border.

In the alternate ending, Sean manages to get to the other side while Daniel clears a path by destroying the police barricade, but his conscience eats alive what little moral fiber he has left, and he chooses to stay behind instead of following Sean across the border.

Much of the ending stays the same, with Daniel going to live with his Christian, and right-proper grandparents.

Six years later, it’s revealed that Daniel is stuck inside the home, forced to wear an anklet at all times.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 - Daniel House Arrets

Sean is living with that dirty hipster he met in the previous episode and he writes Daniel to let him know everything is okay, sending him a greeting from Mexico with some sand.

The game ends with Daniel looking out the window, sad but relieved that some things worked out for him and his brother, and in the end they found a semblance of peace.

Now if you played the game like a ruckus-making criminal, and you encouraged Daniel to use his power for evil, and constantly do harmful things to people, then Daniel will choose to take them through the police barricade even if you choose to surrender, but at the cost of Sean’s life, who gets shot in the throat and dies. As showcased in the video by Babyzone, Daniel goes on to become a super-villain, stealing money from banks to survive, and destroying property and killing people to avoid being caught.

Daniel eventually grows up to become Justin Bieber, sporting blonde hair and douchebag-tier tattoos.

He has a makeshift grave for Sean as a reminder of his brother, but devolves into drinking, smoking, and a life of crime.

The other ending takes place if you choose to be mean to Daniel, have him doing evil things like hurting animals and people, and then choose to destroy the police barricade. The two will relentless charge through on their way to Mexico, where they become gangsters and killers.

They steal, rob, and kill to survive in the rough parts of Mexico while looking out to the sea appreciate the beautiful chaos they’ve caused.

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