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Lewd Logistics

The crackdown on porn continues. There are lots of people who keep saying that porn is fine. Porn is safe. “They won’t come for porn”, they retort. However, slowly but surely any kind of porn that doesn’t include the kind of propaganda big tech is trying to push onto the people seems to be getting wiped out, slowly. After Patreon updated their policies, disallowing certain kinds of fetishes from being featured on the platform, they’ve been targeting various artists who draw content that they don’t even want people seeing, supporting, or sharing in any capacity. One such porn artist is Lewd Logistics, who has been told that he has to either remove all of his content and change his art, or find another financial provider.

In a post published on December 28th, 2019 over on the Lewd Logistics Patreon page, the artist explained his situation to backers, writing…

“So I have been talking to their Trust and Safety division, the people that review patreon pages. And to put it short, they do not want to be funding this type of content. Removing the content from the page will not be enough for they do not want to risk being responsible for people being exposed to our content…


“So that being said we have two options:


“A) Change everything so that it is not considered “sexual violence.”


“B) Move to a different site that you can support us on financially.


“Personally option B seems more appealing to me, but thought I should get all of your opinion on the matter. So what do you guys think? Any preferred sites we should move to? I saw someone mention another site, but was wondering if there are any more you guys would like. Please comment or message me, otherwise I could run a poll some time later today.”

It’s probably wise that he switches to a less restrictive service such as Subscribe Star or the new service started up by Dick Masterson called New Project 2.

Right now the major tech outfits are constantly trying to muscle in on what’s allowed, what’s not, what kind of speech they deem okay, and what kind of content you’re allowed to view.

It’s becoming increasingly draconian in a very short span of time, and the slippery slope has no end in sight, despite Centrists™ constantly trying to hand-wave away all of the censorship taking place throughout the tech and media industry.

(Thanks for the news tip sol badguy)

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