Queer Kid Stuff Owner Is Leaving YouTube After Getting Woke And Going Broke
Queer Kid Stuff

Lindsay “Lindz” Amer announced back on November 19th, 2019 that there would be no more videos on the Queer Kid Stuff YouTube channel, and that they were leaving the platform for good after the channel stopped making any money. Unfortunately, Amer also said that there were “cool new things” planned for 2020. So long as it doesn’t involve brainwashing kids with propaganda, people should be able to rest easy for a bit.

The news came courtesy of a series of tweets…

In the thread, Amer would go on to write…

“YouTube sucks for LGBTQ+ creators and now it REALLY sucks for kid’s creators. I am both of those things.


“When Queer Kid Stuff made revenue, it was probably tops $80/month. On average it was more like $40/month. Now it’s pretty much $0


“I turned off the comment section on every single video years ago because I was getting consistent daily harassment only on YouTube and I saw all of it and there was nothing else I could do about it


“This summer, I joined a lawsuit against Google/YouTube because I’m fed up with it and there needs to be systemic change and YouTube consistently has shown that they’re not interested in making it happen without legal pressure.


“I’m angry and frustrated, but I’m also sad. YouTube started my career. It’s given me friends, community, and a place to put my work when I couldn’t put it anywhere else. I started Queer Kid Stuff because nothing like it existed anywhere else on the internet. I used YouTube because it was a space where young people could go to connect with others to find representation and information they couldn’t access IRL.


“YouTube was once a thing I loved and now it’s a thing I resent. So I’ll be leaving YouTube. Queer Kid Stuff will stay put for now, but I won’t be making anymore videos.


“But that’s not the last you’ll see of me! I’ve been toiling away at new projects in new mediums the last 6 months and whoooooo boy are we gonna have some fun in 2020! Stay tuned for cool new things.”

The TL;DR of it is that Queer Kid Stuff was woke and eventually went broke.

Even though the news is almost a month old at this point, it was broadcast and extended by YouTuber Hunter Avellone, who made a 12 minute video outlining how harmful the show is for developing kids.

The show was a constant peppering of propaganda from the Left to teach kids about homosexuality, bisexuality, and everything in between every made up soup name that the Rainbow Reich devised on their unappetizing menu of cultural subversion.

The funny part about it is that this is one of the rare cases where the owner of a channel decided to call it quits after going broke instead of getting booted off the platform, banned, terminated, filing for bankruptcy, or having the parent company cut all ties by shaving off “redundancies”.

Nevertheless, this momentous occasion for Queer Kid Stuff still warrants it a nice little cozy spot on the ever-growing real estate of the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

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