Resetera Loses Its Mind Over Predator: Hunting Grounds’ Female Predator Size And Boob Armor

Not that they play games or that they will ever pick up Sony and IllFonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds, but the social justice goers over on Resetera are trying to wrap their minds around the look of the female Pretador’s “male pleasing design” and how she doesn’t “emasculate” the male Predator in stature.

I’m guessing all those big Pretadorian thighs, that extraterrestrial waistline and those big foreign mammaries held up by boob armor has Resetera’s jimmies so tangled up they can’t tell left from right according to a new thread.

Titled “The female Predator in Hunting Grounds sucks and is significantly worse than how female Predators are in novels,” folks will find anger and confusion amongst the social justice ranks front and center.

I bet you are thinking, “Why are you giving Resetera the time of day? Ignore them!” To that, I say, nay. Highlighting this buffoonery goes to show the level of a publisher and developer that kowtows to this group, much like Voidpoint Interactive with Ion Fury. Remember, these people exist and they’re among us.

Moreover, ring leader Kalmakov started the thread off by saying this after seeing a “deflated” female Predator on-screen during Sony’s last State of Play event for 2019:

“Well, a new Hunting Grounds trailer came out today for State of Play and they showed off a new female Predator design. Cool, right?


Wrong. Why? Because female Predators in novelisations are so much damn cooler. This tweet sums it up.


Female Predators are so damn huge and buff that they emmasculate male Predators and make them insecure. Why didn’t we get that?”

Here’s the tweet in question:

From here, the social justice NPCs started loading up the bandwagon script to repeat words that will score brownie points, much like user Gundam:

“I didn’t know I was missing out on giant lady predator but yeah now knowing that that sucks


We need more physically larger women in games thanks.”

Confessing the usual SJW trope of not caring nor knowing anything about said lore or franchise, user Doop had this to say:

“I don’t know anything about predator lore but I support you completely OP. the predator lady should be big and scary!!”

Brass Body Dave came out of the woodwork to iterate:

“As someone who has read a lot of Predator books, I’m also irritated. Felt the same way as how they did Bernie in Gears of War. She was supposed to be as big as a Boomer, but they turned her into a skinny witch instead. I wanted a truck!”

User adumb — a name that fits if you separate the “a” from the “dumb” — had this to say:

“…d-does that predator have tit armor?”


I…right. Yeah. Okay then.

Moderator Morrigan couldn’t sit this one out and had to chime-in to stress:

“Okay wait


Is that “lady predator” in the tweet real? With the sexy midriff, narrow waist and boobie armour?


Please tell me this is satire…”

User Zipzoom could only shake its head in disgust:

“they managed to objectify a predator, smh.”

GavinUK86 wanted to let the world know that it likes hefty female Predators, which would, in turn, emasculate gamers:

“Who asked for predator tits? i know i sure as hell didn’t. the massive ball wrecking ones from the comics (and novels) sound way better but let’s not emasculate the gamers lol.”

For those of you that are out of the loop and don’t know how the female Predator looks in-game, I got you covered.

Behold, don’t stare too long at the following images, or you might find yourself in two. I hear a male Predator is watching over this small tit-fitted female hunter since he can work her like an alien prostitute given that she can’t “emasculate” him:


With that said, this game will release for PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4 on April 24th, 2020.


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