Resident Evil 3 Box Art Leaks Revealing Atrocious Redesigns

Just a day after the last major Resident Evil rumor floated around the internet Resident Evil 3 box art has leaked thanks to store listings on the Playstation Store. In a pointless act either Sony or Capcom have removed the box art from the store listing, but it has already circled the interest twice over. Why they decided to take it down is thus a mystery, but fans who have seen the redesigns are decidedly unhappy with them.

Right off the bat the typical first impressions are “what have they done to Nemesis?!” Followed by weeping at his disfigurement, until one’s gaze drifts downward and sees what they’ve done to Jill and Carlos.

We can see Jill has undergone breast reduction surgery to stop the gaze of “toxic and white males”. Her once beautiful and confident appearance born of years of dedication, training and determination, is replaced by a fugly feminist inspired looks like diarrhea is running down their legs appearance. No one knows why her beautician took her feminine hairstyle and gave her a male cut, but hopefully she got her money back.

It’s fairly obvious this game is being designed and developed by people pandering to feminists. You have a once confident, beautiful, strong female character looking like she’s about to shit herself and has lost any confidence she has ever had. Then standing next to her is a character designed to be a modern day heartthrob for women. Complete with the removal of any Latino attributes his character previously had, but something tells me there will be no outrage mobs over his whitewashing.

Classic Nemesis was a perfect example of a humanoid monstrosity. Retaining elements that were identifiably human heightened the horror of having him rise again and again in his relentless pursuit.  There was just enough monster to make it believable you were no longer dealing with anything that could be considered human, but enough human that the ability to seemingly be immortal was unnerving.

You can see in his design the care that went into his crafting. The teeth are exposed by the removal of the lips and surround tissue. His face has undergone surgical reconstruction as part of the enhancements, but has fully healed thanks to the T-Virus and NE-α Type. Every aspect of his appearance was sculpted to match his lore.

Compare that to the New Nemesis that doesn’t project monstrous experimental abomination, but “holy shit you’re ugly!” There are no smoothed textures, nor is there any explanation for why the T-Virus or NE-α Type would produce such an appearance. The T-Virus’s alteration of cellular structure doesn’t create a zombified tissue appearance. In fact the T-Virus zombies are an unfortunate byproduct of the T-Virus’s capacities to regenerate tissue. They’re zombies because their tissue is healing slightly faster than the T-Virus is killing them.

Where Nemesis had a toothy grin that was a result of mutation of normal teeth, New Nemesis appears designed without contemplation as to why he appears the way he does.


You turn towards fan artists and they’ve been able to update the visuals of Nemesis while maintaining the visage and appearance from his careful crafting. It is even sadder that we can see fan artists are able to update Jill without making her look like a butch lesbian.

What gets me, what truly makes me despondent about the whole situation is these developers were given the task to respect the series lore, the series’ history, the series’ design. They could honor the fans both new and old and show they are a creative force to be reckoned with. Establishing themselves with much beloved fanfare, but instead they choose to ruin whatever they can.

(Thanks for the Tip RichardGristle)