Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Cheats Offer Max Relations, Agent Stats

Sigma Theory Cheats

French developers Mi-Clos Studio and Goblinz Studio’s Sigma Theory: Global Cold War has managed to to find a niche audience on PC who seem to enjoy the brain-racing antics offered by the turn-based strategy game where players attempt to recruit a squad of special agents to prevent a global catastrophe by securing control of the singularity. If you’re enjoying yourself in the game but find some parts a little too difficult to handle, don’t worry about it… there are cheats for that.

The first cheat trainer is available to download from over on the website.

The trainer comes equipped with the following cheats for Sigma Theory: Global Cold War:

  • Relations with superiors: +10
  • Relations with superiors: -10
  • Doomsday Clock: 29 Minutes to Midnight
  • Doomsday Clock: 1 Minute to Midnight
  • Sigma Points: +1
  • Selected agent: Strength +1
  • Selected agent: Intelligence +1
  • Spouse Loyalty: +5
  • Spouse Loyalty: -1
  • Relations with superiors: 100%
  • Heal selected agent
  • Selected agent: Strength +10
  • Selected agent: Intelligence 10

Like all cheat trainers made available on MegaDev, some of the cheats can be utilized for free, while others require a premium membership.

The free cheats for Sigma Theory include the ability to raise or lower your relations with your superiors at the cost of nothing.

All the other sexy cheats, like modifying the Doomsday Clock or raising the loyalty of your spouse, or the abilities of your agents, will require a premium membership.

There’s a second trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer features the following Sigma Theory: Global Cold War cheats:

  • Unlock In-Game Cheat Menu
  • Fast Research
  • Freeze Doomsday Clock
  • Always Successful Recruitment
  • Perfect Relationships

While the options are far fewer than what you would get in the MegaDev trainer, it does feature… cheesier results.

Instead modifying stats one by one or altering the Doomsday Clock by the minute, you can just freeze the clock altogether or always have perfect relationships.

The cheats definitely alter the difficulty in a way where there’s no leeway for player skill if you make use of this particular trainer.

A third trainer is available for download from over on

The cheats contained in the trainer are listed below:

  • Speed up research
  • Player Always Succeeds
  • AI Always Fails
  • Unlock All Agents
  • Your country relationship never decreases

Now while this trainer isn’t premium and doesn’t require any committed membership sign-ups, the major drawback here is that it’s an old trainer and likely doesn’t work with the latest version of the game. You can still give it a try since it’s free, but you probably have better luck with one of the other options.

Speaking of other options, last but certainly not least is a free cheat table you can download for the Cheat Engine from Fearless Revolution.

The table contains the following cheat options for Sigma Theory: Global Cold War:

  • Agents Life Set To Max
  • Agent Stats Maxed
  • Countries’ Relationships Set To Max
  • Private Group Relationships Set To Max
  • Spouse Relationship Set To Max
  • Heirarchy Relationship Set To Max
  • Doomsday Clock Set To 0
  • Organization Mission, Threat Timers Set To Max
  • All Countries Alert Level Set To 0
  • Player Alert Level, Tech Research Set To Max

While these seem like super use cheats and the cheat table definitely has everything you need to progress through the game with no problems, the major issue is that the game itself has some rather strict DRM running at runtime, and so the cheat table – and any updated version of it – may or may not work.

As mentioned in the thread, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the Fearless Revolution page by user Shinkansen, and wait a little while for the cheats to activate and load into memory. After a short while you should see their effects.

Again, it’s not guaranteed that the cheat table will work, but it’s free and sports many of the same options as the other paid trainers.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is currently available right now for $17.99 over on the Steam store and on

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