T.G.I. Fridays Ad Gets Woke With Gay Kissing

TGI Fridays Gay Ad

Someone needs to remind all these mega-corporations that Pride month ended months ago… or did it? Based on the amount of alphabet soup propaganda finding its way into the mainstream nearly every other major ad these days, one would think that Pride has become a 24/7 holiday.

Not to be outdone by Amazon’s lesbian kiss, or Renault’s lesbian make-out session, or Sprite’s LGBTQIA+ ad, T.G.I. Fridays decided to get in on the action with an ad featuring a gay kiss.

YouTube outlet SN posted up the ad, featuring a couple of couples kissing, one of which involves two men locking lips while leaning over the table. You can view the 15 second ad spot below.

What’s so bizarre about this is that they managed to include a gay kiss in a 15 second ad spot.

What did it have to do with the commercial? Nothing… absolutely nothing.

It’s a gay kiss that comes completely out of nowhere.

These people barely make up a single percentage of the United States population and yet they’re everywhere. In fact, we see more LGBTQIA+ agitprop than we do straight Asian couples in commercials, and they actually make up 5.6% of the U.S., population, as detailed by Pew Research.

Despite being a fast-growing segment of the U.S., consensus, Asians seem to be featured less in media than the various flavors of the alphabet soup.

That’s food for thought.

But then again, we all know why the media is so heavy-handed in promoting homosexual lifestyles. They can’t procreate more homosexuals so they spread their lifestyles through cultural insemination. Constant promotion and propaganda themed around same-sex relations is being used to convince people to just become gay, which is essentially what the purpose is of promoting ridiculous things like pansexuality.

But don’t expect the gravy train leaking out of the backdoor chocolate factory to stop anytime soon. Mega-corporations will keep packing this fudge deep into the tight corridors of your perception at every waking moment, like the non-stop and every-changing visage of flaccid new customers a penniless heroin addict encounters as they suckle their way to their next fix.

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