Temtem Contains Gay Relationships, Non-Binary Characters, Pronoun Selector


Before you get too excited about hopping into the new Pokemon-themed MMO called Temtem, you should be made aware that the game has no gender identifiers for the character creator and promotes “non-binary” as if it’s an actual thing, and contains a wide variety of LGBTQIA+ relationships depicted in the game.

That probably sounds like good news… if you’re Liberal, Progressive, hailing from Canada, living in America’s un-flushed turd that we call San Francisco, or from that country that’s the equivalent of a landmass birth-defect referred to as Australia.

Now if you don’t like experiencing that kind of content in your game, you might want to steer clear.

Months before the game came out it was revealed that Temtem was designed to appeal to the people lined up at the alphabet soup buffet.

Reddit user MGDiVa made a post back on July 3rd, 2019 on the GirlGamers sub-reddit, which is where hairy guys with insecurity issues go to pretend to be incensed and angsty women.

MGDiVa explained…

“In the character creator, there is no actual mention of sex or gender. Just a body type. the “Boy” body type is flat chested, and wears trunks and has a mildy masculine voice. The “Girl” body type, wears a sports bra and matching panties, and has a lighter feminine voice.


“But neither is expressly described as male or female, it’s simply an icon that gives you a choice of what body type you’d like.


“All clothing, ALL OF IT, is unisex. If you wanna wear a striped dress and you picked the “boy” body type, you can.


“All of the hair styles are too.


“No stupid forced high heels or any of that sexist crap.”

This is actually true, even from five months ago. You can check a build of a game from July, 2019 that was uploaded by YouTuber FranBunnyFFXII.

As explained in the post, the concept is to portray the characters as “non-binary”.

The only major difference between the two character body types is that one has a bra on to cover up their breasts, but otherwise everything is unisex.

They also removed text identifiers for the genders, so they’re not called “male” or “female”.

CD Projekt Red did the same thing with the Cyberpunk 2077 character creator after game journalists complained about a lack of “non-binary options”, so the developers removed “male” and “female” gender identifiers in the character creator.

The silliness of trying to appease the gender identity warriors was captured by YouTuber Mr. Obvious.

But that’s not the end of the story for Temtem.

In the post from July it goes on to say…

“In terms of representation of gender diversity, this game is really doing what it can to make sure that you can be who you want as much as you’d like.


“And, the game does not shy away from Gay characters either. Multiple characters reference their boyfriends or girlfriends in the game, of the same gender. One girl talks about her wife, and another talks about his boyfriend. On the same ship.


“And they aren’t the only ones either.


“The world of Temtem does not bat an eye at gay or non gender conforming people. Everyone is as normal as anyone else.”

This part here is especially important because if you’re a parent playing the game with your kid, or you assume that it’s safe for your children to play, here it is there’s a game influencing your kid that same sex relationships are a-okay, despite the fact that lesbian relationships have some of the highest domestic abuse rates per capita in the U.S., as reported by Healthy Place and the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center.

Trying to influence kids that LGBTQIA+ relationships are okay and normal stands against the facts that it’s aberrant behavior associated with a very tiny demographic minority.

If you’re okay with your kid partaking in degeneracy then that’s on you. However, if you’re a loving and caring parent and you don’t want your kids exposed to that, this is something you should keep in mind if you decide to allow your child to play Temtem.

The game also attempts to encourage the use of pronouns for what the Left call “non-binary” people. The “non-binary” term relates to a completely fictional state of mind, but it’s being encouraged and promoted by all manner of media, including video games such as Temtem.

Someone recently asked about it on Reddit (in a now deleted post from December 18th, 2019) and someone responded by confirming that your main rival in the game identifies as “non-binary”.


The sad reality about this is that there will be more Centrists™ out there angry at the fact that we’re pointing out that this game contains LGBTQIA+ propaganda then they will the fact that this game is trying to convince kids that being “non-binary” isn’t a mental illness and that it’s completely normal.

There will be Twitter threads with thousands of likes from people talking about how horrible it is that we’re discussing this topic, and that we’re “No better than Polygon or Kotaku” for warning potential gamers who may not want to support or play a game that contains such content.

Essentially, the Centrists™ will reveal themselves to be agents of the enemy, against you having rights to choose, and against you having the right to be informed that the game does indeed contain LGBTQIA+ propaganda.

Now some critics may respond with “But how is it LGBT propaganda?”

And the simple answer is that it tries to subversively convince people that a fringe lifestyle is okay and normal; that transgenderism is okay, that “non-binary” people exist, and that it’s all completely fine. It does this through the normalization of the lifestyle within the game world, as opposed to being upfront about it in the game’s description so that players know beforehand that this is a game that may contain content not suitable for everyone.

Remember that normalizing fetishes by subverting expectations is what makes it propaganda, and not everyone is okay with that.

Now just because a game is original doesn’t mean you have to support it if it contains content you don’t agree with or find wholesome.

Remember: at the end of the day, YOU are the one who gets to choose what you or your family consumes. Don’t let spergs on Twitter or virtue signaling Reddit threads dictate what kind of information you should have before playing a game, or whether or not you think it’s appropriate for your household.

If you want to support the game, then feel free to do so. But if you don’t want to support games that contain LGBTQIA+ content, you don’t have to.

Don’t let the Cornhole Commissars bully you into thinking that you have to support their propaganda just because they control the media you consume, the movies you watch, and majority of the games you play.

(Thanks for the news tips Narmy and Thadrien)

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