Touring Karts Demo Allows You To Unlock 2 Free Copies Ahead Of Release

Touring Karts

Spanish developers Ivanovich Games announced that gamers who participate in the online multiplayer portion of the Touring Karts demo on Steam, and successfully win three matches in a row, will be able to unlock a free copy of the game when it graduates from Early Access on December 12th, 2019. Gamers will be able to earn up to two free copies of Touring Karts ahead of its release.

The announcement about the opportunity to win two free copies of the game was made over on the Steam community page. From now up until December 22nd you’ll be able to participate in the online tournament via downloading the free demo from over on the Steam store page.

If you win three races in a row the demo will unlock all of the features from the full version of the game. If you can manage to win five races in a row then you will earn a giftable Steam key for a friend.

And yes, the game is also going to be available as a VR racing title for the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the Index, and the PlayStation VR headset when it releases on December 12th.

Interestingly enough there will be a wide variety of control schemes available for Touring Karts both on PS4 and PC, including the ability to use the classic DualShock, or you can use the DualShoock as a motion controller, or you can attach a wheel, or you can use the PlayStation Move controller(s), or you can use the 3DRudder and a Move Controller.

The game is basically like the Mario Kart games for Nintendo’s systems, but with the option to play with VR capabilities.

Beyond that, though, you can also play the game normally (the way it should be played) without all the finagling that comes with the wired VR headsets and those goofy motion wands.

You can collect and craft up to 45 power-ups to help you thwart your opponents, or rely on your skill to take turns and overtake your rivals.

There are 22 tracks to race across and 30 customizable cars, three different online modes, and a story mode with more than 500 original challenges to complete.

You can grab the free demo from the Steam store page or look for the game to launch on PS4 starting December 12th. Following the game’s graduation from Early Access and its launch on PS4/PSVR, Ivanovich Games will also release a Switch port of Touring Karts. For more information on the game feel free to visit the official website.

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