VenusBlood Frontier International Pre-Orders Go Live For Dec 20th Release

VenusBlood International

Way back in October of 2018, Ninetail wanted to localize a proper English version of VenusBlood Frontier International. They were able to successfully skirt by the crowdfunding goal of just over $150,000. They were successful and put in the time and effort to bring the game over to the West with proper English translations, and now, one year later, pre-orders have opened up for the game ahead of its December 20th, 2019 release.

The pre-orders are currently live right now for VenusBlood Freontier International over on the Jast USA store page.

The game will launch for $39.99 but during the pre-order phase ahead of the launch you can get it for 10% off for only $36.00.

Since the game is being offered from Jast USA, it means that it’s DRM-free. Now the game will also launch over on Steam as well, but it will be the all-ages version based on the Steam store page listing.

The Jast USA version – as you can tell from the NSFW store page – will be completely uncensored. So you get everything you wanted and then some.

Since Kagura Games is helping to publish the game on Steam in collaboration with Jast USA, you can quite readily expect an R18+ patch to be made available at launch for the Steam version, either through Jast USA or from Kagura Games as an off-site patch.

In fact, Kagura Games seems to have found a niche in successfully getting all their games released on Steam as an all-ages title and then plop the R18+ patch into a nifty little off-site bundle package and call it a day. This manages to keep the H-game fans happy, it keeps the censorious Taste Police at Valve happy, and they get to make a lot of money in the process. It’s a win, win, win situation for everybody… for now.

In any case, if you were interested in VenusBlood Frontier International, pre-orders are available over on Jast USA for the crowdfunded English version of the game. Both the uncensored and all-ages version of the game will be available starting December 20th, 2019 near the end of the month.

If you don’t plan on pre-ordering visual novel but you did want to learn more about it or check out some additional gameplay and CGs, you can also download the free demo from the Jast USA store page.

(Thanks for the news tip Seryuu)