Woke WWE Fans Incensed Liv Morgan Got Lobbed Into LGBT Storyline

WWE Liv Morgan

If you know how the WWE works, then you know that if a wrestler pitches a story to Vince McMahon (the chairman) and he doesn’t like it, then it gets pushed to the wayside. If he does like a story then he moves forward with it. Well, back in October it was reported by Wrestletalk that Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose pitched an LGBTQIA+ storyline to creative, but creative didn’t move forward with it. However, apparently it was picked back up, but instead of moving forward with openly gay wrestler Sonya Deville and straight wrestler Mandy Rose as part of the lesbian romance, they dumped it on Liv Morgan and Lana.

The silliness of it all came to a fruition at the end of Monday Night RAW where Liv expressed her love for Lana, which garnered a somewhat confused reaction from the crowd.

Twitter user Golden Maharaja posted the minute and a half long clip on Twitter.

The quadruple love angle involving Rusev, Bobby Lashley, Lana, and now Liv Morgan, didn’t go down too well with fans after months of Liv Morgan having disappeared from television and fans hoping she returned in a hot storyline involving one of the only decent things about the WWE… Bray Wyatt.

Right now he’s on a hot run as The Fiend, and many presumed that Liv would be shuffled into the program with Wyatt as the deceased Sister Abigail. How she would return to life or why is beyond the required logic that this article needs to tell the story about what happens next, but what happens next is the reason why this article exists.

A bunch of triggered snowflakes took to Twitter and began spamming posts about how much they hated that Liv Morgan was put into the storyline with Lana as her lesbian lover. Why? Because they felt that openly-gay wrestler Sonya Deville should have been forced into that storyline instead.

A similar thing happened before with wrestler Tenille Dashwood, an Australian wrestler who went by the moniker of Emma while she was in WWE. However, the WWE repackaged her as Emmalina and ran similar promotional videos leading up to her rebut, but it fell flatter than a flapjack on an American Range commercial griddle.

So now WWE is trying again with Liv Morgan.

Now some people are saying that on the scripted “reality” TV show, Total Divas, the reason that Sonya may not have been used for the lesbian angle is because her girlfriend is insecure and jealous.

How true that is? I don’t know.

What we do know is that the angle wasn’t all that well received.

If you watch the full segment on YouTube – which went on for another three minutes after the Twitter clip ended, Lana smacks Liv, they cat fight briefly, and then the refs pull them apart. Before they can go through with the degenerate relationship between Lana and Lashley, Rusev spares the crowd from yet more interracial propaganda by bursting out of the cake to probably the biggest pop of the night.

However, Rusev’s appearance wasn’t really what was talked about across social media and most gossip websites. They were all enthralled/disappointed with the fact that Liv was lobbed into the storyline as a lesbian instead of Sonya Deville.

As reported by The Sun, both Sonya and Mandy seemed to be in the same camp as the triggered Twitter snowflakes.

Glass-jawed garrison managed to make Sonya, Liv, and Paul Heyman trend on social media – the last of which because he’s the real behind-the-scenes general manager of RAW and the fragile-hearts are blaming Heyman for putting Liv in the lesbian love angle.

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I’m actually laughing at all of this pandering backfire.

I say good.

Let the ratings fall, let the fans disperse, let the interest wane. If they want to keep pandering to non-wrestling fans with this kind of millennial crap then go ahead and do so, it’s not like it’s going to help them get back to the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression era ratings, because guess what? Twitter spergs are a vocal minority that don’t equal ratings!

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