Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Raises Tons Of Questions But Nails The Era Of Excess Aesthetic

Wonder Woman 1984 - Golden Armor

DC’s live-action Wonder Woman franchise is in a very precarious position. You see, feminists so badly want this film to be a rallying cry for their man-hating, anti-hetero propaganda, while actual fans of the character want it to be a good franchise with relatable characters. You can tell that there’s a line they’re desperately trying to straddle to avoid angering one group or another, but it’s thanks to Gal Gadot’s down-to-earth approach to the character and classical feminine charm that helps this current live-action adaptation lean closer to the likes of what fans expect rather than what propagandists want.

With Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the World War I-era outing from 2017, you can tell DC is still straddling the line, but ensuring that a lot of the middle-of-the-road balancing acts they pulled off in the first film will return for the second. This includes Diana still retaining a lot of sensual appeal, showing off plenty of leg and cleavage, and still sporting her iconic skirt when she’s dolled up as the lasso-wielding demi-goddess from Themyscira.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

So to be completely honest here I have no idea what the heck the plot of this movie is.

We see Wonder Woman globetrotting across exotic locations to take on all manner of foes, utilizing her bracelets and lasso to perform superhuman feats, but I don’t know who the main villain is.

We do see that Kristin Wiig starts off as an admirer of Diana, but we already know from previous reports that Wiig eventually becomes Diana’s arch-nemesis, Cheetah.

We also see that a supposedly dead Steve Trevor is back and supposedly alive, getting caught up on all the changes that have occurred in the world since World War I.

However, we don’t know how he comes back or why.

Wonder Woman 1984 - Fireworks

There’s hints and glimpses of how this is all possible via the interweaving commentary from Maxwell Lord, but it looks like you’ll actually have to watch the film to figure out what’s really going on. It could be like the Soul Stone from Marvel’s universe where you have to give something to receive something. Commenters are speculating on YouTube that all the chaos could be due to Lord granting people’s innermost wishes, but it all comes with devastating consequences.

I do have to admit that at least the trailer didn’t spoil the entire movie. There’s a lot left to be explained, and it would be nice if DC and the marketing team managed to retain some surprises by not spoiling the entire movie before it hits theaters on June 5th in 2020. But in today’s era of anti-fan resentment from corporations and tone deaf marketers, it would be a miracle for the film to make it into theaters without having every morsel of information leaked onto the internet either by the script getting lifted and sold on eBay or an upcoming trailer opting to roll out the whole film within the span of just two and-a-half minutes.

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