3D Realms Announces Kingpin Reloaded

3D Realms has announced the return and upgrade of the 1999 classic FPS, Kingpin. Alas, for while the upgrades are promising, the specter of the Ion Fury controversy ever looms over this game’s release.

YouTuber Raging Golden Eagle makes a consistent point regarding how you can only backstab people once. There is no second chance at doing so, and here 3D Realms finds themselves undone by their previous betrayal. If you cannot forgive or look past what 3d Realms did to Ion Fury then there is nothing that can be said to change your mind here. Yes the game is advertised as uncensored, but after they bent the knee to the outrage mobs last time no one can guarantee if the outrage mobs march again we won’t see a repeat with Kingpin Reloaded.

For those willing to give the publisher a second chance, Kingpin comes with a bevy of improvements over the original. Adding to the experience is a new quest and conversation system that can be used to improve your gang’s power and influence over the city. Beyond the two new features the game itself has been re-balanced from the ground up and has received an extra coat of polish.

As far as marketing goes, boasting that a game has been polished is rather odd. I’d argue “shouldn’t a game be ready to play at launch?” but then I remember the current state of the gaming industry where it is a “feature” to be complete at launch.

Kingpin Reloaded also sees its graphics overhauled with support going all the way to 4k ultra wide settings. At the same time players who wish to play the game as it was when it originally launched will have access to classic mode.

From the appearance it would seem Slipgate Ironworks has taken what the established fanbase has loved in mods, such as Rags 2 Riches, and further expanded upon their improvements for the official remaster’s release.

As a sucker for gang management games since San Andreas I find myself cautiously optimistic for this game’s release. Here’s hoping 3D Realm learned their lesson from Ion Fury, because without a doubt no one will give them a third chance if they haven’t.