A Hand In The Darkness Finally Banned From Steam
A Hand In The Darkness Banned

A lot of games have been banned from Steam for seemingly innocuous or unclear reasons, especially anime-themed games. A few games have escaped Valve’s ban-spree even though they clearly violate the rules that the company has put in place regarding content curation, including Sweet Pool and A Hand In The Darkness. Various members of nukige groups have scoffed at how the two titles – despite featuring underage characters engaging in sexual activity – have managed to stay on Steam while other games with clearly defined characters above the age of 18 have been banned, despite not breaking the rules. Well, after two years, on January 16th, 2020, Valve finally enforced their rules fairly for once.

Ertal Games, the developer of A Hand In The Darkness, informed consumers that the homosexual romance visual novel featuring underage school boys, A Hand In The Darkness, was banned by Valve for violating their rule regarding child exploitation (which they’ve been using as an excuse since around 2018 to ban a lot of anime-themed games even when they don’t feature children).

As is typical for most SJWs, they decried Valve’s decision to ban the game even though they were silent when all the other games were banned and ended up on the Waifu Holocaust list.

While more games getting banned isn’t a good thing, at least someone at Valve is starting to evenly apply their rules for once.

All before now people complained how games like Sweet Pool and A Hand In The Darkness were allowed on Steam, but games like the all-ages version of My Girlfriend or Victory Project were banned. While A Hand In The Darkness didn’t contain visual imagery of the boys engaged in sexual activity, it still contained a story with textual descriptions of the boys’ exploits, as outlined in the description of an archive of the Steam store page.

Steam’s double-standards are still in play, though. Games like Life Is Strange 2 are still allowed on the store, even though it contains a sex scene with a high school student. And various explicit games set in college such as Dirty Education are still allowed on the store, but that’s probably because all of the erotic scenes contain gay furries.

It’s hard to tell if this is a change in the tide of fairly enforcing their nebulous rules and Valve will actually start enforcing their taste policing evenly, or if this is just a one-off situation where after various gamers from nukige groups began reporting the game for violating Steam’s content policies, Valve decided to throw them a bone and actually apply their rules fairly toward an SJW-approved game for once.

In either case, the censorship has already started and it won’t be stopping.

SJWs wanted a bunch of anime-themed games aimed at straight males to be censored and banned, and they were. Now some of the games that they enjoy are getting hit with the censorship and they don’t like it so much.

Sites like this tried warning people that once you open the floodgates of censorship, and justify it as a good thing to ban things you don’t like, it will eventually come back and bite the things you do like.

Since people decided they would rather waste their energy hating and trying to deplatform One Angry Gamer instead of fighting back against censorship, I can only laugh in the face of Centrists™ for not listening to us when we tried warning everybody that this would eventually become the future of the medium once censorship would be enabled to become the de facto standard in platform-based content curation.

Screw all you idiots for not listening.

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