Boobs In The City Banned From Steam

Boobs In The City Banned

Super H Game and Eroges’ erotic third-person shooter, Boobs In The City, was one of the games recently banned from Steam. The Steam nukige group spotted the ban, which occurred on January 16th, 2020, as noted by the SteamDB entry. The nukige group listed the game in their ever-growing catalog of banned games from Steam.

Unlike some of the asset-flips, troll-games, and cryptocurrency exploits that flood Steam and rightfully get banned, Boobs In The City (also known as Squirt Pew! – Secret Coaching or 城市裡的歐派 in China) is an actual game, with actual gameplay, goals, and even a multiplayer component.

The game could basically be summarized as an H-game version of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, where two teams of girls go head-to-head in battle arenas using water guns and special abilities to defeat one another. The highlight of the game was that you take on the role of a coach and help the girls get better at the team battles while also encouraging them in pursuing their aspirations outside of squirt gun battles.

The dating sim elements also included erotic CGs told through typical visual novel style text, and could be unlocked as you progressed through the game.

The actual gameplay wasn’t anything too special, and seemed mostly fitted for mobile gaming. Even still, it offered up enough variety to separate it from other H-games out there, and even allowed you to unlock new outfits and equipment for each of the girls to help encourage replayability.

Unfortunately, the game was banned from Steam.

There’s an archived cache of the store page, where it reveals that it was rightfully tagged as Adults Only, and even had an ESRB rating of AO for Adults Only. So Eroges and Super H Game took all the necessary steps and precautions to abide by the rules, yet the game was still banned.

There’s no way to know for sure what went on behind the scenes, and since Valve scrubbed the community tab from the site it’s not possible to view any of the discussions.

This is yet another game added to the ever-growing list of titles that Valve has taste policed out of existence on the largest PC gaming distribution platform in the world.

Boobs In The City now joins lots of others on the ever-expanding Waifu Holocaust banned game list.

You can still play Boobs In The City online by directly visiting the NSFW Eroges website.