Chick-Fil-A Issues Non-Apology and Expresses Regret Over Consequences

After nearly two months of silence and Christian boycotts, Chick-Fil-A has finally reached back out to the American Family Association over their inquiry and petition. Before delving into the non-apology and corporate speak promotion let’s review a bit of history.

Boycotts beginning in 2012  from the left against Chick-Fil-A were not only ineffective, but in their duration sales actually increased by over a billion dollars according to The Blaze . Where the boycotts were ineffectual the violence and protests unleashed by the left had the exact opposite effect. In the UK the first ever Chick-Fil-A had to shut down because of leftist protestors. A similar trend of harassment would plague Canadian openings and stores.

Stateside wherever leftists could abuse political power they began to do so, banning Chick-Fil-A stores across the country in Democrat ran cities. One such ban by the city of San Antonio  now goes to court as the appeasements the company made had no impact on their ban.

Thus faced with mounting pressure from objectively systematic harassment by the left, Chick-Fil-A had two choices presented to them. They could either ‘A’: stand tall representing their values and fighting the bans and harassment in court achieving victories not just for themselves, but for every group or person too small to fight back or ‘B’: Bend the Knee and sell out their Christian Values.

In choosing ‘B’ the company effectively painted several charities that unlike the leftists that protested the company had actually made a significant contribution to both society and people’s lives. Immediately Christians across the country began boycotting Chick-Fil-A and when American Family Association reached out for clarification on their decisions the company outright ignored them as of December 10th .

Specifically, I asked Mr. Cathy to answer these two questions: (1) Will Chick-fil-A publicly state that it does not believe The Salvation Army and FCA are hate groups because of the ministries’ beliefs about sexuality, marriage, and family? (2) Will you publicly state that Chick-fil-A will not hesitate to fund these two ministries again, should the opportunity arise in the future?


Along with the letter, I included the signatures of over 100,000 people who want clarification from Chick-fil-A regarding its recent decisions.


This means that Mr. Cathy has not only snubbed AFA’s concerns; he has also chosen not to respond to your concerns.

On January 5th -though the letter is falsely dated December 5th – Chick-Fil-A finally responded in a non apology corporate speak letter to the American Family Association.

The letter opens with an unwarranted summation of Chick-Fil-A’s history as a clean wholesome corporation that believes in inclusivity.

“Since my late father, S.Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant in 1946, as a family we have dedicated ourselves to serving delicious food in a clean, safe environment with warm and gracious hospitality. We also have wanted Chick-fil-A to be a place where everyone is welcomed and treated with honor, dignity, and respect.”

In corporate speak it is a sentiment that can be interpreted by the readers own contextual lens. If you are a Christian you’ll see this as a wholesome statement championing the values taught in the bible. If you are a leftist you will see this as a message that LGBT are welcomed and are to be treated with honor, dignity, and respect.

Of course I’m not asserting people shouldn’t be afforded these values provided they are in turn affording them to others, but rather I am highlight how this letter is carefully crafted to appease both sides.

A good portion of the letter goes on to pay lip service to Christian values that Chick-Fil-A demonstrated they have no intention of defending, while utilizing god’s name to profit. It reads largely as a sales pitch rather than an apology letter.

Paragraph three is where the non-apology begins with them restating their narrative that they were simply switching focus into other charitable areas before expressing how some people just misunderstood their intentions.

“We understand how some thought we were abandoning our longstanding support of faith-based organizations. We inadvertently discredited several outstanding organizations that have effectively served communities for years.

What is disingenuous about this letter is the absolute lack of truth in it. Their pivot had nothing to do with a change in focus; such a change would naturally have been discussed for some time, not come at the exact moment it was politically convenient to announce it.

In avoiding admitting they bent the knee because of systematic ongoing harassment they are once again bending the knee. Money is worth more to them than giving the disenfranchised Christians who have experienced the same discrimination a voice.

It is lunacy to believe Chick-Fil-A will ever grace the Get Woke Go Broke Master list at least anytime this decade or so.

What will likely transpire is their growth period has come to an end with the ongoing Christian boycotts. Their Christian imagine is done as everyone sees them as the spineless fair-weather Christians they in fact are.

Over the next year or so depending on revenue generation we will continue to see the company begin making consolations and backpedaling on their decisions. Given many have said they will never eat at the chain again, it might already be too late for even that.

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