Code Vein Mia Nude Mod Now Available For Download

Code Vein received its first DLC expansion dubbed Hellfire Knight, and with it comes a new nude mod for Mia Karnstein by Modder Stealthunt3r. And for those of you that like flat chested waifus on the line of Mia, know that a new PC mod is now available for download.

I’m sure soyboys and other male feminists will likely throw a tantrum over this mod saying something nonsensical like, “Mia looks underage!” However, sane people that fancy girls as flat as a wall will be able to enjoy this mod and all of its glory.

Modder Stealthunt3r has this to say about his work for those unaware of what they are getting into:

“Mod gives the best girl in the game a nude body. Something I’ve been working on for awhile and think it’s time to share what I have. First time I’ve done a mod like this. So any suggestions and/or ideas to make her better.


The mod affects both normal and white Mia.”

The download link sits below for PC goers looking to have Mia assisting bare and exposed:

For those of you wanting to see images of the mod, there’s no need to worry since there are two ways of viewing it. Firstly, you can head on over to the mod’s official image section to see everything there is you need to see. And secondly, you can view the short album right below:


This mod should work with the latest Hellfire Knight DLC, and if it doesn’t, I’m sure the modder will work out adjustments shortly so that Mia can be lewd in both the base game and expansion.

Anyway, Code Vein is out right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the mod in question is only available for the former platform.

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