Comiket Blood Drive Reportedly Sees Smaller Turnout After Reducing Reliance On Anime Tiddy Posters
Comiket Blood Drive

Following the controversy surrounding the Japanese Red Cross blood drive that included a widespread poster of the very busty and alluring Uzaki-chan, the Comiket blood drive at the Comic Market 97 decided to go with a more low-key approach for the event, and as a result not as many people turned out.

Japanese blog Hachima Draft captured some of the tweets from the Japanese section of Twitter discussing the event. The initial tweets only mentioned that the pictures and promotional art were decidedly different this time around to be more “considerate”.

A few tweets did point out that there were still anime girls on posters featured throughout the donation drive, but the images were only present once you got to the drive.

Some tried to argue that since the posters were still present, only pinned to the side of the donation drive buses, that nothing had changed and the people complaining about it were just cooking up noise.

Others rightfully retorted that the posters seemed “small”.

On December 31st, 2019, however, Twitter user TK Takamura took the naysayers and the deflectors to task, making a lengthy thread pointing out that not only were the posters much smaller and less busty than the Uzaki-chan posters that caused such an uproar before, but that it looked as if the donation organization was folding under pressure to avoid controversy caused by feminist agitators.

Takamura pointed out that the feminists creating such a stir resulted in the blood drive going with a far less aggressive promotional campaign, and in result less turnout from people willing to donate blood.

Takamura also compared the presence of the anime posters during the C95 blood drive from the Red Cross compared to the most recent C97 blood drive, where the posters were more prominent and the advertising using the hot waifus was more readily visible compared to the small images stuck to the side of the bus this time around.

You can see that during C95 they had fairly large images of the anime girls out and about and visible to the public.

The real travesty of it all is that the most prominent store advertising consisted of signs with texts instead of actual images.

This resulted in fewer people knowing or caring about the donation drive because the signs with text were no where near as noticeable as the advertisements that circulated featuring Uzaki-chan.

Obviously, this comes after feminists on Twitter – both in the West and in Japan – attacked the Red Cross for the Uzaki-chan posters.

Back on November 24th, 2019 one Japanese feminist claimed that they should aim to make the women more realistic and just “cute” without the “over-sexualization”, and Japan wouldn’t have to worry about people clamoring for censorship.

However, hilariously enough there were still feminists complaining about the posters where the females featured in the artwork were not sexualized and even fit the standard of being “cute” without being overly busty, yet it was still attacked.

He outright says…

“I detest it.

“I would prefer if male staff were present so it was 50/50.

“Why only have youthful, cute females? What’s its purpose here? That’s what I’m saying. The kind of women working at a blood donation drive are depicted in a delusional way. There’s a revolting feeling of displeasure seeing them this way, yes? The blood donation drive is not that kind of service.”

Zpitschi’s comments, along with a few other detractors, were highlighted in another tweet from Daino Doragon who warned everyone that this is why you don’t trust feminists, because even when they tell you to censor something to make it more palatable for the masses, even the censored version isn’t enough.

He aptly rounds out the tweet by saying “This is why feminists aren’t to be trusted.”

Given what happened with the Red Cross and how they scaled back on the waifu-worthy advertising, which only cost them in the long run, he’s certainly not wrong.

So now if someone in Japan dies from not getting a blood transfusion in time because they didn’t have enough supply, you can now blame it on feminists.

(Thanks for the news tip Noriyuki Works)


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