Crazy SJWs Target Hero Hei For Criticizing Temtem’s Pronouns

Temtem SJWs

YouTuber Hero Hei published a video on January 21st, 2020 about Crema’s Temtem, an MMO-style Pokemon clone titled “TemTem, “Pokemon Clone”, Launches with Absurdly Woke, Restricted Character Creation Gameplay Options”. The video contained Hero Hei’s thoughts about what the game did well and what it lacked, including very lightly criticizing that game’s inclusion of pronouns and lack of proper gendered options. So what did Social Justice Warriors do? They went after him and his video.

Hero Hei did a follow-up video on January 22nd, 2020, explaining why his original video of Temtem was no longer available on YouTube and what he said in the video that triggered the Cancer Society into witch-hunting him.

You can check out the near 11-minute video below.

Hero Hei avoided naming names in the video, but I’m far less the gentlemen than he is.

The witch hunt was kicked off the very same day that Hei published his video. The flame was ignited by none other than ThePedanticRomantic, another lunatic with the kind of Twitter profile one would expect from a conceited braggart who spent way too much time reading Marxist fan-fiction on Tumblr.

The tweet from ThePedanticRomantic garnered just shy of 9,000 likes and managed over 2.2 thousand retweets.

The follow-up tweet took specific aim at Hei’s criticism of the game’s lack of gendered options and the whole pronoun degeneracy that has been foisted upon normal by propagandists.

It was just enough to incite the frothing-mouthed rectal-breathers into tracking down the source of the video and laying waste to it with dislikes and reports, not unlike war-born refugees tracking down, raping, and killing a 14-year-old girl after being invited into the country by traitorous leaders.

ThePedanticRomantic attempted to wash their hands of the inevitable results by claiming that the tweets didn’t contain any call-to-action, and that it was just “Right-Wingers” thinking that such posts are an “existential threat”.

This here, kids, is what we call a strawman. ThePedanticRomantic tries to absolve any culpability for their actions by saying they didn’t specifically tell anyone to do anything, and that it’s all just a made-up issue by “Right-Wingers”.

But this is how Cancer Culture Cultists behave.

We’ve seen it time and time again.

They claim that Cancel Culture doesn’t exist. They claim that SJWs don’t exist (all while prohibiting you from using the acronym). They claim that anyone against their brand of perverse “Progressivism” is a “Right-Wing Nazi”. And even to this day they continue to peddle lies and debunked falsehoods about #GamerGate.

Peddlers of propaganda have managed to take wide-sweeping control of the communication conduits that normal people used to use to share information. At this point only the peddlers of misinformation, like ThePedanticRomantic, are given the kind of clout and platform bandwidth to spread their disinformation disease throughout the interwebs.

The result is that they can crush your back with a spiked club and claim to those witnessing their act of villainy that your cries of pain are the result of “vacuum-skulled” bigotry.

Since big tech enables this kind of behavior, it gives people like this carte-blanche to continue what is nothing short of social terrorism.

Remember, I told you these people are insane. They’re mentally ill. They need help and they need to be removed from social media for everyone’s safety, including their own.

Enabling people to behave in this way has only led to further disruption and distress for normal people. Enabling their lunacy has only led to the destruction of our culture. And not denying them their fantastical delusions has led to them, and the media, attempting to portray their crazy antics as the new normal.

(Thanks for the news tip Animatic811)

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