Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story Lands On Kickstarter And Promises Vore, Nudity And 2D Action

I know Kickstarter is filled with a lot of people with projects that barely come through on their promise(s) when it comes to delivering a funded game, but if you are thirsty for an action-adventure game filled with vore, nudity, and 2D platforming action, then you might find Secret Stash Studios’ latest work, Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story, interesting.

Firstly, the story behind this game sees Ayla trying to become an apprentice, one that serves under the village’s sorceress.

Ayla must first prove her worth by completing a rite of passage by traveling to dangerous places, bringing back pieces of lost arts (like ancient runes, dusty scrolls, and other bits of arcana) to begin unlocking her magical abilities.

Whether that sounds boring or like fun, the devs behind this game note that spicy content will spruce up the overall “adventure” side to Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story.

With all of that said, you can check out the Kickstarter pitch behind this game that sees a half-dressed busty heroine trying to work through R-rated situations below:

“Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story is 2D, R-rated adventure platformer game set in a mythical world full of dinosaurs, magic, and primal dangers. Coming out for Windows and Mac.


Ayla must cross savage jungles and unfamiliar wildernesses on her quest to learn magic. Can she survive the perilous journey? Travel to the very edge of the world in search of magic’s lost and forgotten secrets.”

Furthermore, the devs say that the R-rated game’s visual style is an open love letter to traditional 2D animation techniques, which means every frame is hand-drawn and then digitally colored, reflecting the methods used in old school animation.

Drawing inspiration from the sword and sorcery genre comics of the past, Secret Stash Studios aims to re-create unique vintage aesthetic, but all of that comes at a price, though.

The $22k Kickstarter budget is the lowest possible amount it’ll take to fund the game’s creation, meaning that the title in question will start with a limited number of enemies and levels.

Right now, the game’s budget includes two levels. However, the full story is planned to unfold over at least ten levels, with more potential levels being introduced with side quests much later.

As of now, the project is almost nearing $3,000 out of $22,000 on its first day. I should note that Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story will only be funded if it reaches its goal by February 17th, 2020.

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