Cringefest Ensues as Rats Leave Sinking Kotaku Ship

Typically when rats begin fleeing their sinking ships often for better opportunities or to save face they do so with a level of grace. Gratitude is given to their outlet for the opportunity, the greatness of their team is expressed, and a brief hint or statement about their future prospects is delivered. Leaving is pretty formulaic at this juncture, so leave it to the hacks at Kotaku to screw that up and make it all about them.

Recently Joshua Rivera and Gita Jackson departed from Kokaku for unspecified reasons, but rather than stick to the typical formula they decided to go out on a circle jerk of who can be the most woke. That’s not even an exaggeration nor hyperbole. Their final hurrah is literally a piece  where without direction the two just soapbox.

Cringe Warning: The Following Material is so cringe laden that you may go blind rolling your eyes into your skull or die laughing.

“So it’s like, it’s impossible to not be aware. I mean, I get messages from young black women who tell me that seeing me do it makes them feel more confident about getting into video games.” –Gita Jackson

From the onset Gita makes a huge deal about her being black. Not a competent writer, not a free thinker, not a philosopher nor anything that any previous journalists would allude themselves to being, but black and female. A nebulous notion highlighting how vapid these people are and frankly racist and sexist.

Do they honestly believe that saying “I’m black” tells you anything about them as a person? Or that you’re a woman? What are we supposed to take away from this exactly?

Then the assert that gaming, the most easiest thing in existence to get into other than possibly life requires her brave identity politics journalism to get women of color into gaming. Despite the fact any person is 3 minutes away from downloading a game on their app and then gaming, it requires her noble sacrifice.

“This industry—part of this, is just also capitalism, right? But it’s unkind to things that it perceives as aberrations or different, you know what I mean? Everybody talks about how diversification is good and they’ll give you all these incentives, like math reasons why it’s good. But culturally, no one really wants that. They just want to hang out with people like them.” – Josh

I’m reminded of Bastait’s statement that the socialist elevates themselves above the others which they deem themselves capable of organizing. Then I’m reminded that leftist have never read a single book on economics in their life.

“ I don’t think that video games are any more or less racist than society at large. We see it very clearly because it’s such a small community and very, very tight knit.” –Gita

Spoiler alert you’re born racist. Every human being is born with an innate in-group preference, it is how you chose to express that, how you choose to live with it that defines us as who we are. The problem with leftists is that their groups are so insanely racist and toxic that even moderate leftists like Tim Pool will call them out on it.

They legitimately think everyone is like that. That because we’re the other we must hate on a level far beyond what they do in private.

Josh: I think you were talking about how, it’s not that games are more or less racist than the rest of society. It’s just that games are set up in such a way that video game fans are conditioned to believe nothing is wrong. Right? Where most people can look at the world and be like, you know, Oh—


Gita: “Some things are wrong.”


Josh: Some things are wrong! You know, like “the NFL should care more about concussions.”

You know that moment where you realize that people are potentially mentally unsound? I imagine a large side rant was edited out of this article because it went to all sorts of crazy, but eventually Gita and Josh both in their own way admit they aren’t part of the gamer demographic.

“It was only like this year that people started taking the unionization conversation seriously. But yeah, I mean, my opinions on just how culture should work very different from the majority of people who really are interested in video games.” –Gita


“When you are a freelancer, you can have this illusion about yourself, about how you are above the bullshit or fighting it by not participating in a system even though you kind of are by taking money, you know? And then when you get a job—you get this faulty assumption that like, I’m okay with everything that this institution does.” -Josh

A freelancer enjoys the ability of taking and writing what they want from whoever contracts them. It’s not a magical ascension nor does it give you keener insight than anyone else.

I’ll spare you the several paragraphs where they just sing each other’s praises for being so woke and leave with their final remarks, about how they never intended to be games journalists in the first place.

Gita: Hell yeah. He would fight an army. He cares so much about his writers.


Josh: It’s a shame that we don’t have owners that care for a fraction as much. You know, they don’t, they don’t shout out our work. They don’t care for our work.


Gita: I’m not even sure that Jim Spanfeller is aware that he has a video game website.


Josh: I mean, he might know now.


Gita: [laughs.] Yeah. Sup dude. Suck it.

Don’t be surprised by this. When SJWs leave they always boast how it was never their intention to push the health or goals of the organization that hired them. It was always their intentions to subvert and hijack.

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