Graywalkers: Purgatory, Post-Apocalyptic Tactical Turn-Based Game Preps To Enter Early Access

Graywalkers Purgatory

Dreamlords Digital’s Graywalkers: Purgatory is an upcoming turn-based strategy RPG with a pretty cool premise and a lot of potential to be a big hitter when it drops in tentatively drops in 2020. The game is prepping to enter into Early Access soon on Steam after completing its Kickstarter back in 2014 and slowly moving through the developmental process.

The Steam page for Graywalkers: Purgatory is currently live and in the F.A.Q., they estimate that once the game goes live in Early Access they can expect it to stay there for anywhere between six and nine months.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is going to be like with the trailer below, courtesy of Turn Based Lovers.

The gameplay trailer definitely shows that there’s a long road ahead and a lot of work to be done. The combat looks quite stilted and the animations still need a bit of clean-up. Also I’m not entirely a fan of the limited use of the environment, where there’s a lot of open spaces and almost no cover to utilize against foes.

It reminds me a little bit of Daedalus’ turn-based strategy game, Blackguards, but hopefully there are more tactical layers added, especially with the environment playing a larger role in how battles can unfold.

Story-wise, Graywalkers has a really cool outline. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where Armageddon has sort of taken place but not quite how everyone expected. Both Heaven and Hell converged on the Earth realm and demons, angels, and everything in between has run rampant.

36 Righteous Ones have been designated as the graywalkers of the Earth, capable of taking down the celestial beings and outer-dimensional beings.

Players will take on the role of a Righteous One and will be tasked with venturing about the world to retrieve the other 35 graywalkers. The goal is to restore balance to Earth and unite Purgatory by purging all of the supernatural beings from Earth’s realm of existence.

I love the concept and the fact that it’s a post-apoc game. It reminds me a lot of Hellgate: London, which was another really cool game with an awesome concept that was poorly executed.

If you’re interested in Graywalkers: Purgatory, you can keep track of the game by visiting the Steam store page.

It’s set to enter into Early Access soon.

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