Kathy Bates Delivers Truth Bomb About #MeToo Movement

There’s a palpable irony in life sometimes. Strong enough that you’d swear it is seconds away from physically manifesting out of thin air. There to be gazed upon by anyone fortunate to be present. It is sadly in these times that same irony is oft lost on the people involved.

Clint Eastwood’s 41st role as director saw him putting to screen the plight and story of Richard Jewell in a movie bearing the same name. During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta George Mr. Jewell came across a backpack full of pipe bombs. Keeping his cool he was able to evacuate people fast enough that only a single person would die with another 111 sustaining injuries from the blast. In every regard Richard Jewell that day was a hero, but the FBI and the media would make damn sure he’d never receive the accolades he was afforded as they immediately painted him as the mastermind behind the bomb plot.

Imagine The Guardian interjecting and pushing their own narrative for profit in an interview with actress who played Richard Jewell’s mother. Who played a pivotal role in the years’ long struggle to clear her son’s name of the narrative the FBI and Media spun about him. Kathy Bates had the honor of apprising said role for it she received her 4th Oscar nomination. Yet despite the context of the movie here we see the media carrying out the same behavior.

Alas were they capable of reflection they’d probably grasp the irony that they are what the movie portrays as evil profit mongers with an agenda and complete disregard for the ramifications of their actions. Let alone any compassion that would drive them to attempt to remedy the damage they’ve inflicted.

For the most part Kathy Bates plays along with the interviewer, not really jumping in with the Guardian’s rhetoric, but at the same time not denouncing it either. A typical playing it safe interview, until she delivers a truth bomb about the me too movement.

 “About people like Weinstein and the casting couch and all of that. I have a confession. In my day, if you went up to a guy’s hotel room, you knew exactly why you were going and in those days it was consensual. Times were different, but I really support the women who are coming forward now and I’m not happy about the men who are being accused falsely – but the ones who deserve all they’re getting, my feeling is hey, go for it.”

Naturally the interviewer quickly shifted away from this uncomfortable statement, but there is a certain level of respect that has to be afforded to it. She tells the world the absolute truth that yes women in Hollywood were more than happy to exchange sex for roles, but sometimes they were indeed pressured into doing it.

Marilyn Monroe decades ago offered similar sentiments.

“I didn’t take their money … but I kept riding in their limousines and sitting beside them in swanky places. There was always a chance a job, and not another wolf, might spot you.”


“You know that when a producer calls an actress into his office to discuss a script, that isn’t all he has in mind. I’ve slept with producers. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t.”

Though the media is keen on omitting the nuance of what she said along with her statements about outright pedophilia along with hebophilia that occurred regularly in Hollywood. Yet with class she admits it was entirely her choice in how she got ahead and it is in the same ironic vain that the champions for women instead want to rob her postmortem of any agency. Turning her from the director of her own life into a passive victim of circumstances, surrounded on all sides by evil men.

#MeToo has been nothing but a disaster for our culture and it is funny as the backlash grows from both men and women how the media frames it. After all the false accusations against men and the resulting backlash of men not wanting to even interact with women, it is women who are most affected.